Tears Of A Clown

Being so close
By a fraction of an inch
I reach out and miss
Awakening desires
Brought about by the tenderness of your kiss

So many things in life that I want to understand
And yet so short is the list
I want to do that and that and this and this

But each morning when I awake
Something deep within me
Has once again died

And there are dried tears left upon my face
Where as I lay sleeping
I must have cried
Sadly sleeping
Depressed when awake

I must never have loved you
I love you?
I must have lied

The hands of time
Today so slowly turn
So quickly gone
Yet the memories I have
So slowly burn

Experience is a teacher
But I don't understand why are you gone?
Simple mathematics
Why can't I learn?
Someone that I had
Someone who is lost forever
For her why do I still yearn?

Love and hate
Opposite extremes of the scale
But the hate overcomes me
No smile
Lips locked into a frown
I will forever wear upon my face
A frown
An upside down smile
I can make you smile
But I still frown
With tears just like a clown

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 9-11-1980

CopyRight 1980-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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