Dear Rick

Vietnam Southeast Asia
March 24TH 1968
Rick Gets A Dear John Letter

So many thoughts racing through my mind
Mail call, I have a letter from my love
I tore it open to read her words
I sank to the ground my heart in my hand
The words tore through me and numbed my mind

Dear Rick
I have found another
You are thousands of miles away from me and have been gone so long
I have fell in love with your best friend
I am going to have his baby
I am sorry Rick
I love you, you are in my heart
But now only as a friend


The words shot me through the heart
I never wrote her back
I never saw her again
My tears fell upon her letter and smeared the ink
So many thoughts racing through my mind
Meaningless words I cannot explain
Forbidden fruits
Rotting forever
Never to be mine
The first to lose
The last one in line
The pain of the memories that no one can see
They do exist and are very much a part of me
So very hard to set myself free
Death and yes suicide
Tormenting thoughts that won't let me be
But the pure feeling of hatred that eats away inside me
Is always covered and hidden by false outward glee
You don't but I truly understand the meaning of misogyny
If only I knew what in the hell is to become of me
Because you are there and I am here

CopyRight Rick "IrockBlue" 3-24-1968
And 4-02-2000

CopyRight 1968-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Foot Note

Life is strange
After all these years the woman who I have fell in love with
Her name is Bobbie
Not the same one who broke my heart in Vietnam

Life Imitates Art


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