In My Nam Vet's Eyes

The pain I see in your eyes
Only sometimes fades away
I know it continues inside your head
Even when you try to play

Rarely I have seen you cry
Though I know it's always there
I know you can't forget
I can see it in your thousand yard stare

Your emotions have been scrambled
Told your best without
It has made your life a living hell
Prone more to bursts and shouts

When I look into your eyes
I can see sorrow mixed with pain
I see a man who wonders
If today he will go insane

Sometimes inside of you the boy comes out
The one who went away
The caring young man who learned to kill
Struggling to survive today

I see inside his eyes
A love that has grown for me
Yet I also see he wonders
If tomorrow I will leave

I know he knows, that I love him
But he knows that's not always enough
He wonders if like all the rest
That I will find being with him is too rough

I give him all my love
Unconditional as I can
He sees himself as less
I see him as a man

If nothing else
What I hope to accomplish with him someday
Is to take the pain I see in his eyes
And make it fade away

CopyRight Bobbie "Irockslady" 3-4-2000

CopyRight 2000-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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