Rick's Thoughts

Sometimes I feel as if everyone me around is a dog and that I am the last living tree

If love is the Garden of Eden, then plow it under and build a parking lot

Life is a world of hurdles
You no more than jump one
Than someone puts another one in front of you
If you trip and stumble over one
You are out of the race
You lose

What good is anything in life
If you have no one to spend it with

What good is a war you were in for one year
When it gives you nothing but a lifetime of pain
And bad memories

Why is it people say to me
After all these years
Get over it
Yet you haven't been there
You haven't walked in my combat boots

People see my face
No expression
My blank stare
What I am feeling inside
They just don't care

I would rather tell children about Vietnam than adults
I want our children to grow up without war
But as long as mankind exists
There will never be world peace

Why do I trust my animals more than I trust people?
Why do my animals love me unconditionally?
Why do I always feel so sad?
Why am I allways so depressed?

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