I Just Get Lonely

Though we are together
We are sometimes so far apart
Seems I have a lot to do that keeps me from being with you
I look over to speak and find you are asleep
Then when your waking it is my time for bed
I find myself crying more often than not
You misunderstand thinking I'm mad
When really I'm just lonely inside
I can't understand yet I don't want to fight
When I try to talk things come out wrong
I tell you I need you
And you think it's about sex
I guess what I say doesn't make sense
What I need isn't sex
It's just passion from you
I need to feel through your touch that you care
I read it in words every day that you write
Yet all those words lose some of their meaning
When you can't express that through feeling
You asked me to teach you what love is about
I teach through my actions not through doubts
What I do for you
I want in return
I love through expressions and soft kisses on your neck
A hug to show I am glad that your here
Without them I feel you aren't very near
I want you to know
I need all these things
Things that cost nothing but for me are essential
Don't think that I am mad
I am just trying to understand
How to get you to hold me without having to ask

CopyRight Bobbie "Irockslady" 3-15-2000

CopyRight 2000-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
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