This was written after Rick had a nightmare dream
The Dream Came After Watching A Movie Called "The Rivers Edge"
It was vivid enough for him to write it down
A Veteran's nightmares are filled with many demons
Though many would never admit to the same
He had the courage to write his

Lady In The Lake

I lay here wide awake
Remembering the dream
About "The Lady in the Lake"

Still body dead
It's not my imagination
I just can't get her out of my head

She was so close too close
I had to get away
No future for us
She had to go today

Happiness to her was love
She would say
Happiness to me is death
She cannot stay

The water she is in is cold and aqua blue
Her eyes are glazed
Does she look dead to you?

I know she is
I know why and what I had to do
I couldn't love her and kill her too

She used to breathe and was full of life
She only saw good things and not the strife

She saw herself as being my wife
Now she is the Lady in the Lake
She ceases to survive

My hands were strong around her neck
I think it broke
My fingers tightened
As I continued to choke

Her hair floating on the water with each gentle stroke
I watched her die as I drank my warm coke

On the rivers edge, strange
I don't feel a thing
The birds are quiet
They don't even sing

Peace and tranquility are what her death will bring
She wasn't my Queen and I wasn't her King

Her naked body
Floating quietly on the water top
Her naked breasts were so beautiful
Upturned no drop

The body hairs wet with lake water continue to glisten
She's not breathing
I know this
Yet I continue to listen

She doesn't utter a word but I don't care
I am not alone
She's dead but she's not really there
The Lady in the Lake
I know that I put her there

She got to close to me
Into my heart she put fear
More than once I told her
She shouldn't be here

She just didn't believe that I could do this to her
Lady in the Lake
When you were dying
Could you feel fear?

Do you remember when we made love?
When I pushed you off and gave you a shove?
When you looked at me in hurt from the floor to above
My look was of hate and not that of love

I've ceased to exist
I'm dead inside
I'm cold not warm
I'll see your death no matter where I hide

Lady in the Lake
It's not a dream
Reality is not a free ride
Your existence was not something that I should decide

I cannot love
I cannot kiss
I cannot grasp
I feel nothing for you
I am happy you are not here
I don't feel blue

I did you in
This I did do
You are the Lady in the Lake
A sad fact this is true

A lifetime of lonliness
So full of hate
Sexual desires that I could never sate
My destiny unruled
I've never known my fate

The sun is rising over the Lady in the Lake
Nothing for me to rue
Nothing to forsake

Nothing is ever meant to be
Your eyes are glazed
You can no longer see
There were a hundred of you
That never meant anything to me

I've killed you all a hundred times
Left you all in the lake
Victims of a hideous crime

I could never love any of you at all
No matter how hard I tried
I ran into a brick wall

On the river's edge
I ponder what I have done
Your dead, I should get up and run

But I've ceased to exist
So from my pocket I pull a 38 gun
I will no longer feel the warm bright rays of the summer sun

With the gun to my head
I watch you Lady in the Lake
I slowly pull the trigger
I have nothing to forsake

There is no fear of the exploding sound
My body into the river I slowly sink
Now Two loveless, lifeless forms

I've Come To Join You
Lady In The Lake

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 5-27-1988

CopyRight 1988-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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