And Pray For World Peace

Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday
By Phylis Chase ...Pootchkee

Giving Thanks Isn't Just Words
We Give Thanks For Living In A Free Country Like America Not Just By Saying Grace At A Dinner Once A Year

We Give Thanks By Supporting Our President, Whether He Is Who We Personally Voted For Or Not

We Give Thanks By Respecting The American flag, As It Stands Not Just For Our Nation
But For The Soldiers That Fought To Protect It, Us, And Our Freedoms

We Give Thanks By Supporting The American Military, Not Just With Words, But With Letters, Gifts, Toiletries, And Constant Reminders That They Are Doing "OUR" Work

Those Of Us That Are Too Old Or To Young, To Be Physically Protecting Our Freedoms Must Honor Those That Our Doing The Work We Did As Young People And Our Fathers And Fathers Before Them Did For Us
Today We Must Honor The "MEN" And "WOMEN" That Are Risking Themselves For America

We Give Thanks By Supporting Our Politicians Both Financially And With Letters And E-Mails

We Give Thanks By Flying The Flag To Remind The World That America Has Pride

We Give Thanks By Confronting The Jimmy Carters And Barbra Striesands Of The World Who Are Anti America In The Worst Ways

We Give Thanks By Keeping Our Criticisms Of America "IN HOUSE"
Our Mothers Used To Say, "Don't Wash Your Dirty Laundry In Public"
Well Our Mothers Were Right
The Critics Of America Who Go Abroad To Talk Down America Are Simply Giving Our Enemies Grist For The Mill
They Are Helping Them To Demoralize Our Troops, Our Citizens And Our Name Around The World

We Are A Wonderful Country
We Have Helped Millions Around The World
We Have Rebuilt Every Country After A War...Including Germany, Japan, Etc...But Yes...We Have Our Flaws
We Have Not Always Been Fair To Our Own Citizens Because Of Racism And Other Issues
But We Are Progressing With Our Only 229 Year Old Experiment In Freedom
The Tributes To Rosa Parks Recently Are A Testament To Our Progress
Give Thanks This Year By Finding Ten Things About America That You Think Are Wonderful And Share Them With Your Family And Friends And E-Mail Lists

Give Thanks This Year By Stopping All The America Bashing
America Doesn't Deserve Your Wrath
She Has Been To Good To Your Grandparents, Your Parents And The Current Generation
Help Her To Grow In A Positive Way
She Is Our Future
She Is, In Fact, The Worlds Future

God Bless America And Happy Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday"
Used With Permission
CopyRight 2005-
By Phylis Chase ...Pootchkee

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