The Purple Rose

Half Asleep
Alone In My World Of Dreams
Still Fighting Battles Long Ago Past
I Awake From A Vietnam Nightmare
The Sun Has Risen
I Am No Longer In The Land Of Darkness
The Morning Dawn Streams Through My Bedroom Window
Another Day
Another Time
Another State Of Grace

I Arise With A Troubled Mind And Decide To Take A Walk
I Go Out The Door And Down A Wooded Path

Alone In My Own Mind
Lost In My Thoughts And Memories
Oblivious To The World Around Me

A Soul Lost In A Single Moment Of Time
No Time For You
No Time For Me
No Time For The Beauty That Was All Around Me

I Walked For What Seemed Like An Eternity
Eveythings The Same
Nothing Has Changed
I Seemed To Be Going Around In Circles
Another Day
Another Time
The Same Old Place

I Come Upon A Clearing
A Place That I Don't Ever Remember Seeing
How Did I Miss This Place All Those Many Times
I Am Sure That I Have Been This Way A Thousand Times Before

As I Walked Further, I Came Upon A Wall
A Wall Coverd With Thousands Of Beautiful Flowers
There Were Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Whites
There Were So Many Colors
I Couldn't Comprehend Them All

So Much Beauty For My Uncaring Eyes To See
Their Fragrance Overwhelmed Me
With An Aroma Of Something New

Their Beauty Was All Around Me
For Everyone To See
But I Was The Only One There
The Only One To See This Awesome Display Of God And Nature

As I Looked Deeper Into The Center Of This Beautiful Wall Of Flowers

Something Caught My Eye
It Was A Single, Solitary Purple Rose
The Morning Dew Slowly Dripping From It's Petals
Almost As If It Were Shedding A Tear For Me
I Reached In To Touch It
And I Was Scratched By It's Many Thorns

Blood Dripped From My Hand
And Yet I Felt No Pain
My Mind And Soul Were Numb
I Have Been Scratched A Million Times Before
I Have Bled A Million Times Before

Lost In My Thoughts
I Shed A Single Tear
Wondering Why The Purple Rose Cried For Me
I Am No One
Nothing Special
I Am Just Me

The Sky Darkened And The Clouds Rolled In
A Gentle Summer Rain Falling All Around Me
A Cold, Cold Rain And Yet
It Helped To Mask One Solitary Single Tear

What Brought Me Here?
Why Am I Here?
What Is The Purpose Of All Of This?

I Stare Intently At The Crying Purple Rose
So Many Questions Running Through My Mind
Why Am I Allowed To See The Beauty Of This Wall Of Flowers?
Who Brought Me Here?

I Hear A Voice Say
"My Son"
"You Are Where You Need To Be"
"If You Will Just Look Inward With An Open Heart"
"You Will Find What You Are Looking For"
"You Will See The Ones That You Love Within The Tear Of The Purple Rose"
"Your Lady And Your Dog Are Your Rose"
"They Also Feel Your Pain And They Cry For You"
"You Are Not Alone"

"You Will See Where You Are Supposed To Be"
"You Will Then Know Where You Are Supposed To Be"
"You Will Find Your Purpose In Life"
"Sometimes You Have To Shed The Tears Of Happiness And Sadness"
"Sometimes You Have To Feel The Pain Before You Can See The Beauty"

I Turn Around And Look But There Is No One There
Am I Losing My Mind?
Or Did I Just Hear From A Higher Being?
Because I Am Still All Alone

I Stare Intently At The Single Solitary Purple Rose
I Am Amazed At The Brillance And Beauty Of This Flower
It's Wonderous Beauty Was Created By The Forces Of Nature

If I Come Back Tomorrow
Will It Still Be Here?
On This Wall Coverd With Thousands Of Beautiful Flowers

I Sit Down
But At Peace With My Surroundings

Am I Really Here?
Is This A Paradise Not To Be Destoyed By Mankind?
Am I Alone In My World Of Dreams?
Am I Still Asleep?

I Awake From A Vietnam Nightmare
The Sun Has Set
I Am Back In The Land Of Darkness
Still Fighting Battles Long Ago Past
I Head Back Up The Well Trodden Garden Path
Back To My Home
Back To My Lady Rose And My Little Dog
Tomorrow I Will Be Back And I Will Bring Them With Me
They Need To See The Beauty Of The Wall Of Flowers
I Need To Share It With Them
Before It Is Gone
Before We Are All Gone

CopyRight 2002-
The Purple Rose
Rick "IrockBlue 1-13-2002
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

If Tomorrow I Cease To Exist
Then Today Would Be My Last Day
For Today I Have Lived And Loved Completely
Today I Have Given All My Love To You
Tomorrow May Not Come
But Today Will Last A Lifetime
For I Have Found My Rose Complete With All It's Thorns

CopyRight 2001-
Bobbie "IrocksLady" 6-08-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

The Rose Remembered

Everytime We Part She Leaves Me Trembling
With Memories Of Things Best Left Forgotten
I Wish I Could Forget I Think
But Forgetting Gives Me Nothing
But Release From Pain
And Casts Away The Gift Of A Passion's Winter Afternoon
The Day's Needs Settle Deep Inside Me
And I Will Not Speak Them Out
And Every Inch Of Distance Kept A Thorn
But Each Thorn That I Will Bear
Blood Though It Is
My Fingers Curl About The Stem Of The Rose Remembered

Author Unknown

This Old Chinese Proverb
If Practiced Each Day
Would Change The Whole World
In A Wonderful Way

It's Truth Is So Simple
It's So Easy To Do
And It Works Every Time
And Successfully Too

For You Can't Do A Kindness
Without A Reward
Not In Silver Nor Gold
But In Joy From The Lord

You Can't Light A Candle
To Show Others The Way
Without Feeling The Warmth
Of That Bright Little Ray

And You Can't Pluck A Rose
All Fragrant With Dew
Without Part Of It's Fragrance
Remaining With You

Helen Steiner Rice

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