We've Been Together Over 10 Years Now
So It's Not A "Have To" Kind Of Thing For Either Of Us
We Will Hopefully Be Married By The End Of The Year
As Long As We Love Each Other, That's All That Matters


I Have Been Making A Lot Of Excuses For Not Getting Married

Pick One

Not Yet
I Canít Get Married Until After My Sister Does
Itís A Family Tradition
And My Sisterís A Nun

Not Yet
I'm Pregnant And I'm Not Positive It's Hers

Not Yet
She Has To Complete Her Sex Change Operation First

Not Yet
I'm Jewish And She Still Has To Talk To The Rabbi

Not Yet
I Dont Like Her Wedding Dress Because I Am A Nudist

Not Yet
Our Dogs Hump My Leg More Often Than She Does

Not Yet
She Won't Sign The Pre-Nup

Not Yet
We Make More Money If She Files Taxes As Head Of Household

Not Yet
She's Not Sure An Amish Lifestyle Agrees With Her
She's Still Doing Rumspringa Right Now

Not Yet
I Still Need To Meet Her Parents

Not Yet
I'm Hoping Carmen Electra Will Change Her Mind And Marry Me

Not Yet
Her Bridal Registry Is At K-Mart And No One Has Registered

Not Yet
Her Doctor Won't Release Her From The Institution

Not Yet
She Used To Be 10 Years Younger And Now, Well She Isn't

Not Yet
Her Knife Collection Is To Big

Bobbie's Response Was

My Dad Chuck
My Brother Marv
Your Uncle Chuck
Are Gathered Outside With Shotguns
There Are No More Not Yets!!

But The Real Answer To Why We Haven't Married Is
Over The Last Year I Have Been Recovering From My Prostate Cancer Surgery
And Pre Cancerous Treatment On My Arms

Over The Past Five Years A Lot Of Time Has Been Spent At The VA For Various Problems
There Has Been A Lot Of Doctor's Appointments And Just Depression That We're Dealing With
Thinking About Marriage Was The Last Thing That We Were Thinking About

One Word
Is Enough To Put The Fear Of GOD In You

Living Becomes A Priority
Treatment Becomes A Priority
Not Dieing Becomes A Priority
Your Step Children Become A Priority
Being Able To Have More Time With The Ones You Love Becomes A Priority

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