The Legend Of The Raindrop

The Legend Of The Raindrop Has A Lesson For Us All
As It Trembles In The Heavens
Questioning Whether It Should Fall

For The Glistening Raindrop Argued To The Genie Of The Sky
I Am Beautiful And Lovely As I Sparkle Here On High

And Hanging Here I Will Become Part Of The Rainbow's Hue
And I'll Shimmer Like A Diamond For All The World To View

But The Genie Told The Raindrop
Do Not Hesitate To Go
For You Will Be More Beautiful If You Fall To The Earth Below

For You Will Sink Into The Soil And Be Lost A While From Sight
But When You Reappear On Earth
You'll Be Looked On With Delight

For You Will Be The Raindrop That Quenched The Thirsty Ground
And Helped The Lovely Flowers To Blossom All Around

And In Your Resurrection You'll Appear In Queenly Clothes
With The Beauty Of The Lily And The Fragrance Of The Rose

Then When You Wilt And Wither
You'll Become Part Of The Earth
And Make The Soil More Fertile
And Give New Flowers Birth"

For There Is Nothing Ever Lost Or Eternally Neglected
For Everything God Ever Made
Is Always Resurrected

So Trust God's All-Wise Wisdom
And Doubt The Father Never
For In His Heavenly Kingdom
"There Is Nothing Lost Forever"

Helen Steiner Rice

There Are Times Where We Should Just Ditch The Umbrella Is A Must To Enjoy The Rain


The Gentle Rain
Like Your Love Covers Me
Sprinkling From Above It Touches My Face
Listening To Its Gentle Patter Upon The Roof
I Feel It As It Tingles My Senses
I Open My Hand To Catch It As It Falls
It Is Gentle Like The Warm Breeze That Accompanies It
Loving This Feeling
It Reminds Me Of You

From Deep Within
I Cherish My Favorite Things
The Gentle Rain Upon My Face
Soft Kisses From You
The Soft Sound Of The Rain
Your Whispers Of Love
I Am Complete

CopyRight 2000-
Bobbie "IrocksLady" 8-6-00
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

I Had A Dream

That I Lived In A World With Pain
That The Tears On My Face
Were Not From Falling Rain

I Had A Dream

That Hurts
A Dream That Stays
And Never Goes Away

I Had A Dream

That Roses Did Not Exist
No Pretty Colors
No Yellow
Or Red

I Had A Dream

That Roses Had Become Extinct
And As They Died
Like Us
They Bled

I Had A Dream

That The Pain That I Feel
Was Deep Within Me
And Was Real

I Had A Dream

That My Body Bore Scars
That There Was No Peace
Only More Of Man's Holy Wars

I Had A Dream

That I Was A Non-Entity
Existing Alone
A Real Being
But To Everyone Around Me
A Person Unknown

I Had A Dream

That It Was Not Within Me To Pray
That There Were Never Any Answers
That I Always Lost My Way

I Had A Dream

That I Had No Heart
That Someone Had Removed It
Scattered It In The Wind
And Tore It Apart

I Had A Dream

That I Was Never Born
That I Was Never A Memory Of A Well Used Photograph
Tattered And Torn

I Had A Dream

That I Was Never Really Here
That I Was Gone
Over There Somewhere

I Had A Dream

That I Lived An Existence
Where It Was A Crime To Smile
And That It Mattered Not
That A Miss Was As Good As A Mile

I Had A Dream

That Love Was A Non Existing Word
That It Had No Meaning
That Hate Was All That Existed
In Every Human Being

I Had A Dream

That There Were No Rainbows
That Dreams Do Not Come True
That I Didn't Know Anyone
Not Myself Or Even You

I Had A Dream

That I Never Had A Dream
Because I Couldn't Sleep
I Saw No Images
Just A Big Blank Screen

I Had A Dream

That I Had A Dream
That I Couldn't Wake Up From
To See
If I Was A Dream
Or If I Were Really Me

I Had A Dream

The Same Dream Over And Over Again
That I Still Feel The Coldness Of The Gently Falling Rain

I Had A Dream

That I Was The Only One Standing There
I Could Not Find One Soul Anywhere

I Had A Dream

That This Is Still A World Filled With Pain
That The Tears On My Face
Were Not From The Falling Rain

CopyRight 2000-
I Had A Dream
"Rick Irockblue" 10-08-2000
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

If I Could
I'd Comb The Sky And Collect The Stars
Quickly Pile Them Into A Basket Until It Overflowed With Silvery Light
And Water Them With New Fallen Rain
To Refresh Their Beauty Again
And Then I'd Give The Basket To You
Because All Things Precious And Beautiful Should Be Yours Today

Author Unknown

The Rainbow

I Know A Blue Hill
Not So Very High
Where The Rainbow Ribbons Are Thrown Across The Sky

Some Day
After A Gentle Rain Shower
I Shall Climb The Hill And Be
Back In Half An Hour

I Shall Wind The Rainbow
Upon An Empty Spool
And Put It In My Pocket
Where It Is Dark And Cool

I Shall Pick A Yellow Star
And I Shall Pick Another
And Hide Them In My Apron
To Carry Home To Mother

From "After The Rain"

By Grace Hallock

Rain Quotes

Some Folks Are So Busy Laying Up For A Rainy Day
That They Cannot Enjoy Good Weather

In Order To See A Rainbow
You Have To See Through The Rain"

Let My Teaching Fall Like Rain
And My Words Descend Like Dew
Like Showers On New Grass
Like Abundant Rain On Tender Plants

Deuteronomy 32:2

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love
Neither Can The Floods Drown It

Song Of Solomon 8:7

When The Rain Is Splashing Down
On The Fields And On The Town
Singing Winds Begin To Blow
And The Flowers Start To Grow

Raindrops Are Such Funny Things
They Haven't Feet Or Haven't Wings
Yet They Sail Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease
And Dance On The Street Wherever They Please

This Is The Sun
High Up In The Sky
A Dark Cloud Suddenly Comes Sailing By
These Are The Raindrops
Pattering Down
Watering The Flower Seeds
That Grow Under The Ground

Rain Is Grace
Rain Is The Sky Condescending To The Earth
Without Rain
There Would Be No Life

John Updike

A Little Rain Each Day Will Fill The Rivers To Overflowing

Proverb From Libera

Let The Rain
Kiss You

Let The Rain
Beat Upon Your Head With Silver Liquid Drops

Let The Rain
Sing You A Lullaby

Langston Hughes
April Rain Song

God Made Rainy Days
So Gardeners Could Get Their Housework Done

If Kids Ask Where Rain Comes From
I Think A Cute Thing To Tell Them
Is That "God Is Crying"

And If They Ask Why God Is Crying
Another Cute Thing To Tell Them Is That
"God Is Crying"
"Probably Because Of Something That You Did"

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