Rasky's Story
A True Waggin' Tail Of Love

I Was Born Sometime In February Of 1994
I Remember Being The Smallest Of The Litter
My Parents Owners Called Me Runt
I Didn't Know What That Meant
I Was Happy And Got To Play With My Six Brothers And Sisters
I Played Until I Wore Myself Out

One Day Some People Came To Visit Our Owners
They Kept Looking At Me And Scaring Me
I Heard The Stranger Say, "I Will Take That One"
He Was Pointing At Me

I Then Went Home With Those People
They Put Me Inside A Box
Then Into A Seat Inside A Bigger Box
The Big Box Made A Loud Noise After They Got Inside It
The Big Box Started Moving
I Was So Scared
I Heard Them Talking About How Big I Would Get
And What A Good Watchdog I Would Make When I Grew Up
I Was Shaking All The Way To Their House

They Got Me Out Of The Box Inside Their House
I Was Scared And Didn't Know What To Do
I Had To Go Outside But Couldn't So I Peed On The Floor
The Man Yelled At Me
Then He Rolled Up His Newspaper And Hit Me With It
He Was Yelling At Me As He Threw Me Outside In My New Yard
After Awhile He Came And Brought Me Back Inside
There Was A Newspaper On The Floor
I Was Scared When I Saw It And Hid Under The Kitchen Table

The Next Morning They Got Up And Let Me Outside
I Was Good
I Went Pee Pee Outside
The The Man Came And Got Me And Took Me Back Inside
He Said, "Good Dog!"
So I Guessed That My Name Was Dog

I Heard The Man Say To The Lady That They Had To Go To Work
So They Both Left Me Alone
I Cried When They Left
Then I Slept For Awhile
I Woke Up And Was Still Alone
I Wanted To Play

There Was A Fluffy Pillow That I Dragged Into The Kitchen
I Played With It Until It Ripped And The Fluff Came Out
It Didn't Taste Very Good
I Was Thirsty After Playing And Getting The Fluff Out
So I Drank The Whole Bowl Of Water
I Was Hungry Too
I Ate All The Crunchy Food That They Left For Me On The Floor

It Was Getting Dark And I Had To Go Pee Again
I Also Had To Go Poo
I Didn't Know What To Do
I Went To The Door But It Wouldn't Open
I Sat There Until I Couldn't Hold It Anymore
I Thought I Heard Them Coming Home
So I Ran To The Front Door
But Noone Came In

I Had To Go
So I Went Right There On The Soft Rug
The Paper Was Something That They hit Me With
And I Wasn't Sure The Paper Would Get Me In Trouble
Since The Food Was Different, My Poo Was Really More Like Pee

I Was So Happy When I Heard Them Come Into The House
Finally I Would Have Company
As They Came In They Began Yelling At Me
I Was Scared Again
I Thought That I Had Been A Good Dog
They Grabbed Me And Hit Me With The Newspaper Again
Then They Threw Me Outside
I Waited For Them To Come And Get Me

They Came Outside With A Chain And A Collar
They Put Them Around My Neck
Then They Tied Me To A Big Room Called A Dog House
So I Guess The Dog House Is Mine
They Brought Out A Dish With Food And One For Water
Then They Left Me Alone
I Never Went Into The House Again

That Night ThereWas Alot Of Rain And White Flashes From The Sky
They Made A Very Loud Noise
I Was So Scared

Every Day They Gave Me Food And Water
But They Never Let Me Off The Chain
The Chain Would Get So Tight When I Tried To Follow Them Back To The House
I Was Very Lonely
They Wouldn't Pet Me Or Play With Me

I Noticed People Living Behind The Fence
The Man Would Come Over Sometimes And Let Me Off My Chain
My People Forgot To Feed Me
My Water Dish Was Empty
The Man Came Over And Fed And Watered Me

One Night I Heard A Loud Box Come To The House Behind The Fence
A Big Man With Long Hair And A Deep Voice Got Out Of The Box
I Heard The Other Man Say "Nice Car Rick!"
So Thats What The Box Is Called, A Car!
I Heard Rick Ask The Man
"Why Is That Little Dog Chained To That Big Dog House?"
He Knew My Name!
He Called Me Dog!

I Heard The Other Man Say To Rick
"Those People Leave That Puppy Outside All The Time Now
He Pooped And Peed In The House
So He Has To Be A Backyard Dog Now
They Don't Take Care Of Him
He's A Good Dog"

Then I Heard The Man Say To Rick
"I'll Go Unchain Him So That You Can Meet Him"
I Knew That They Were Talking About Me
Cause They Kept Saying My Name, Dog

The Man Came Over And Unchained Me
I Ran To The Big Man And Jumped Into His Lap
He Ran His Big Hands Down My Fur
It Felt So Nice
I Hadn't Had Anyone Hold Me This Close For A Long Time

The Man Asked Rick If He Wanted Me
Rick Said, "I Already Have 3 Dogs"
"I Couldn't Steal Someone's Dog"
Then Rick Said, "I Have To Go"
The Man Took Me From Rick's Lap And Put Me Back On My Chain
Rick Got Into His Car
I Saw Him Looking At Me Until His Car Disappeared
Every Time A Car Came To The Man's House
I Got Up On My House To See If It Was Rick

One Night I Heard Rick's Car
I Got Up On The Roof Of My House To See And Yes, It Was Him
I Slipped Trying To Get Him To Notice Me
The Chain Around My Neck Was So Tight
I Was Trying To Touch The Ground To Get The Chain Off Of Me
It Only Seemed To Make It Worse

I Heard Rick Yell,
"Doggie! Doggie! Whats Wrong?"
Rick Ran Closer And Picked Me Up
I Don't Remember Much Because I Had Stopped Breathing
When I Woke Up
Rick Had His Mouth Over My Nose
He Was Looking Into My Eyes And Putting Puffs Of Air Into My Nose
I Was So Happy To See Him

I Heard Him Say To The Other Man
This Dog's Face And Mouth Smells Like Poop
He Didn't Know That My People Had Been Gone For 3 Days
And That I Had Nothing Left To Eat
Rick Found Out Then That My People Had Been Gone
He Left And Went To The Store And Got Me Some Food

Rick Came Back And Picked Me Up
He Held Me Close As I Ate Everything He Gave To Me
I Saw Water Come From His Eyes And I Licked It From His Face
Rick Said To The Man
"I Have To Leave"
He Handed Me To The Other Man And Looked At Me And Said
"Goodbye Dog With No Name"
I Wondered What He Meant, Cause Dog Was My Name
I Was So Sad When I Heard His Car Leave
He Never Came Back Again

One Night Awhile Later, I Was Listening To The Man Over The Fence
He Was With Someone And They Came Into The Yard
The Man Said To The Other Man That I Shouldn't Have To Live Like That
He Took Me Off My Chain And Picked Me Up
We Went Into A Car
I Was Scared, Cars Are So Loud

We Went For Awhile Then We Stopped
I Heard The Man Say
"Be Real Quiet
We Don't Want Him To Hear Us"
They Were Quiet As They Carried Me Toward A House
They Put Me Over A Fence Next To The House
Then They Left And I Was All Alone Again

I Didn't Know Where I Was
It Was Dark And I Saw Rick's Car
So I Ran Upto It
A Light Came On And I Heard A Door Open
I Hid Behind Rick's Car
I Heard The Door Close And The Light Went Out
I Ran To The Other Side Of Rick's Car
Was He Going To Come Out Again?
The Light Came On Again
I Heard The Door Open Again And Hid Again Behind Rick's Car
I Saw A Circle Of Light Coming Toward Me
I Didn't Know What To Do

I Heard A Voice Say
"Damn Doggy, Where Did You Come From?"
It Was Rick!
I Heard A Ladies Voice From Inside The Door Say
"What's Out There?"
Rick Picked Me Up And I Heard Him Say
"It's That Little Dog That I Was Telling You About"
I Heard Rick Say
"Look Mom, Doesn't He Look Like A Hobo?"
I Heard Her Say
"No, He Looks Like A Little Rascal"
So, From Then On Rasky Was My Name
I Heard Rick Say
"What Are We Gonna Do With Another Dog?
I Heard The Lady Say
"Give Him A Home And Love, Just Like The Other Three"

Rick Carried Me Inside
I Had To Go Pee
I Was So Tired I Just Went Right There On The Floor
Rick Looked At Me And Said No!
The He Carried Me To The Door
I Met His 3 Other Dogs, Who Sniffed Me
They Made Me Feel Right At Home
Then Rick Put Us All Outside
All The Other Dogs Went Potty Outside
They All Showed Me Where To Go

Then I Heard Rick Yell
"Here Doggies!
Come Back Inside"
I Came To The Door With Them


We All Got To Come Back Inside
I Walked With Them Into The Kitchen
There Was More Food, Water And Dog Treats Than Any Dog Could Ever Want
I Ate So Much That I Got Sick

Rick Just Smiled And Picked Me Up
I Thought That He Was Going To Put Me Outside
Instead He Carried Me To His Bedroom And Put Me On His Bed
He Laid Me Onto A Big Fluffy Pillow Where I Slept All Night Long
It Has Always Been My Bed Since Then
After Rick's Mommy Died, I Was Sad
We All Loved Her Very Much
I Am Now A Very Happy Dog
I Have A Family
I Have All The Treats And Love Any Dog Could Ever Dream Of

And On August 12Th 2001 All Our Dreams Came True
Rick Moved Our Whole Family To Indiana
He Bought Us A New House
I Happily Live In The Country With Rick And My New Mommy
The Other Dogs And I Have A Half An Acre To Explore
I Am A Happy Dog


With All My

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