Someone Comes Along That Changes The Course Of Your life
I Never Thought I Would Be Fortunate Enough To Have Met That Someone
I Came To Be With You In A Place So Different From All I Had Ever Known

I did

I Have No Regrets
You Have Been My Dream
My Love

Thanks To You

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Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved
Bobbie "Irockslady" 6-29-00

What It Means

You Ask Me Why I Feel Like I Do
Loving You
Wanting You

What Words Can I Say That Make Me Feel This Way
Make Me Stay
I Won't Turn You Away

How Can I Make You Understand
Give You A Hand

Open Your Eyes To Truly See
What It Is Your Love Means To Me

I Know That You Are Hard To Get Next To
You Glued Yourself Tight
No Insight
No Love Right On Your Surface

Your Past Kept You From Loving
From Coming Into What Could Be Yours

You Tried
You Lied
And Inside You Died From All The Hurt
You Quit Loving
Even Yourself You Gave Up On
You Let Others Tread Upon Your Soul

Finally Existing On Food And Air
You were Given To Me
Finally Free
Ready To Be Loved
You Resisted And Yet You Allowed Me To Touch
Not Feeling At First
Ready To Burst
You Gave In And Slowly Let Down Some Walls
Silent Calls That This Too Would Not Be Forever

You Gave Me A Chance
Some Time To Make Some Romance
I was Thinking That Would Be That
Time changed that for you
Now Hopeful That You Would See Me Too

I Stayed

Taking Time To Look Into Your Eyes
Though You Are Not Ready To Look In For Too Long
Knowing That You've Given Me These Things
I Don't Need Diamond Rings
For Those Things Aren't Real
They Don't Feel Like It Does When You Give Of Yourself


When You Ask Me Why
Why I Love You Like I Do

Then I Can Say
It's Because Of The Way You Have Loved Me Too

CopyRight 2000-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved
Bobbie "Irockslady" 6-29-00


The Gentle Rain
Like Your Love Covers Me
Sprinkling From Above It Touches My Face
Listening To Its Gentle Patter Upon The Roof
I Feel It As It Tingles My Senses
I Open My Hand To Catch It As It Falls
It Is Gentle Like The Warm Breeze That Accompanies It
Loving This Feeling
It Reminds Me Of You

From Deep Within
I Cherish My Favorite Things
The Gentle Rain Upon My Face
Soft Kisses From You
The Soft Sound Of The Rain
Your Whispers Of Love
I Am Complete

CopyRight 2000-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved
Bobbie "Irockslady" 8-6-00

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