Dear Friends

In Response To Your Welcome And Warm Letter
Saying That You Would Like To See More Of My Native American Poetry
I Give You This To Share With The Children Of The Mother Earth
It Is With An Open Heart That I Can Share These Things
For They Were Given To Me In The Quiet Moments
That So Many No Longer Take Away From The Business Of Our Time
Many Of My Poems Have Originated From Dreams
They Might Be To Lengthy For Your Web Page
But I Would Be Willing To Share The Beautiful Message
The Message That Conveys About Our Relationship To Our Earth Mother

I Was Very Surprised To Read The Poem
That Spoke Of The Old Indian On The Mountain
(We See Him)

I Had Written About Him A Long Time Ago
The Poem Was Titled In My Dream And I Did Not Know The Language
After A Long Time And Many Questions
I Found That Part Of The Title Spoke Of The "Land In Winter"
Perhaps Some Day I Can Share The Poem With You

Your Poem Is A Beautiful One And Describes Him Very Well
It Is Written In The Spirit Of Empathy That Reminds Us Of This Great Loss
It Is Good That You Are Wanting To Know What So Many Have Forgotten

You Also Asked Me If I Have An Indian Name
It Is The Custom That You Be Given Such A Name By Someone Else
It Came To Me In A Poem About A Young Maiden
Her Heart Was Held By A Young Brave Of Another Tribe
Her Soul Desire Was To Cross The Waters Of A Rushing Stream
To Meet Him And Run Away

While He Waited For Her To Come To Him
She Slipped And Hit Her Head Very Hard And She Died
The Stream Was Very Sad When It Saw The Young Brave's Anguish
It Promised Him That It Would Keep Her Spirit As Moonbeams On The Water's Surface
That Way He Would Know That She Was Happy In The Spirit World

The Poem Says
That The Brave Comes And Stands On The Other Side Of The Stream Each Night
He Stands And Watches The Moonbeams Dance Across The Water
The Maiden's Name Was "Small Feet Dancing"
The Name Came To Me In A Dream And I Wrote The Poem
Since The Name Came To Me In This Dream
I Believe It Is A Name Given To Me Because I Too Have Small Feet

I Too
Have Experienced Such Pleasure In The Beauty Of The Earth
I Sometimes See Myself As A Child
A Child Dancing To The Music She Has Put Into My Soul
My Name Is The Gift Of A Grandmother Who Has Laughed At Me In My Childhood
And She Who Gave Me The Gift Of Words As Well
These Are The Music Of My Spirit And The Spirit Of Those Who Are Free
Whether It Comes By Traditional Means Or By Some Other Means
I Am "Small Feet Dancing"
I Appreciate Your Interest
And I Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Work
It Is A Good Thing That You Do For Our People
Take Care

I Will Pray For You

That You Will Find That It Will Heal Old Wounds
And Further The Healing That Must Come From Within
Your Friend
Rita Trafford
"Small Feet Dancing"

Rasky Presents

Writings By Rita "Small Feet Dancing" Trafford

Thank You For Letting Us Share These Poems And Your Words

The Tree Of Peace

The TREE Stands Tall On The Turtle's Back, Its Branches Touch The Sky
It Gives Refuge To The Deer And Bear That's Seen Through The Eagle's Eye
Like The Eel, The Beaver, The Otter And Owl, These Form The Native Clan
The Earth, Our Mother, The Wolf, Our Brother, The Peacemaker's Gift To Man

Just As The Water, The Sky, The Soil, And Air, They Were Put Into Our Hand
As The Song We Sing, The Words We Hear, When We Dance Throughout The Land
We Find A Time For Work, And A Time For Praise, A Time In Summer's Sun
There's A Time To Stand, A Time To Fall, When Each One's Life Is Done

There's A Prayer To Pray, We See The TREE, And Know What The Vision Means
Its Message Is That It Will Not Fall, Although At Times It Leans
A Cry To Cry When Grief Is All, And A Laugh To Warm The Heart
To Gaze Upon The Earth In Awe And Know We Are Apart

Arrows Like Men, When Bound As One, Will Secure A Bond Of Peace
When Hearts Are Bound In Unity, Then Greed And Strife Will Cease
But The TREE Stands Tall On The Turtle's Back, Its Branches Touch The Sky
And The People Standing Beneath Her Boughs Are Seen Through The Eagle's Eye

Used With Permission
CopyRight © 2000-
The Tree Of Peace By Rita Trafford
"Small Feet Dancing"

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time There Were Many Tall Pines Across The Mountain Slopes
Their Tops Licking Up A Clear Blue Sky Where The Eagle Soared
Caring For Her Young

There Are Tall Poles Tied Together With Wire That Carries Too Many Voices
And The Eagles Children Are Rarely Seen

Once Upon A Time There Were Many Streams And Rivers Running Free
They Offered Life To The Deer And The Animals Of The Forests
The Sea Held The Essence Of Life In Its Free Waters

There Is A Great Oil Sludge Taking Away Her Light And Beauty
It Has Clogged Up Her Arteries
The Waste Of Men Looking For Some Place To Get Rid Of Their Garbage
Some Place Cheap
So That Their Profits Are Maintained

There Are Birds That Cannot Fly
Fish That Cannot Swim
And Our Children Will Never Know What It Is To Be As One With The River

  Once Upon A Time There Was A Deer And Her Fawn
Who Had The Instinct To Fool Their Predators And Flee To Safety

There Is A Tangled Mass Of Fur And Flesh Sprawled Along The Highway
Her Eyes Frozen
Locked Upon The Speeding Vehicles
That Are Going Too Fast To Nowhere To Slow Down

Once Upon A Time There Were Woodland Paths
Where Birds And Other Creatures Felt Safe In Their Talking To One Another

There Is Black Ash And Burnt Stubble
Many Of The Animals Have Died Or Have Had To Find New Homes
Because Of A Careless Cigarette Tossed From A Passing Car
This Is Strange Since Most Cars Nowdays Have An Ashtray

  Once Upon A Time
People Got Together And Told Stories
The Small Children Listened And Learned About How To Keep MotherEarth Alive
They Heard About How We Should Take Care Of MotherEarth And Each Other

They Are Taking An Old Man From His Cardboard Box
In The Alley Between The Tall Buildings
He Has Died From The Cold
An Empty Bottle Rattles Against The Pavement
Telling Me That Just Before He Died
He Had Briefly Remembered Telling His Children When They Were Very Young
About The Two Roads Of Life
The Men Who Carry Him Away Are Not His Children

  Once Upon A Time
There Was A Question About The Change That Was To Come
Would It Be Good Or Would It Be Bad?
Many Did Not Know But A Few Did
But The Many Would Not Listen To The Few
And The Change Was Very Bad

But Now
There Is The Scent Of Sweetgrass On The Wind
And The Morning's Song Is That Of A Running Stream
An Awakening Of The Spirit That Moves Across The Stubs Of Trees
And The Grandmother's Words Are Heard Once More Because We Listen
This Is The Medicine That Will Heal A Land And Its People
And Then MotherEarth Will Stop Her Crying

Used With Permission
CopyRight © 2000-
Once Upon A Time By Rita Trafford
"Small Feet Dancing"

A Song Of The Aged

It Is A Long Time For One To Be So Sad
Especially One Who Has Seen So Many Good Things Change From Good To Bad

It Is A Long Time To Live In A Place Where The Rain Offers Little Life To Man
Or To The Dying Grain

It Is A Long Time To Watch The Sun Set In Reddish Haze
Through The Tearful Eyes Of One Old With Age

One Who Sits And Thinks Of Better Days
When Men Were Able To Hold On To Their Ancient Dreams And Ways

It Is A Long Time To Pray For A People Who Are Grieved
When Their Faith Is Shattered In What They Once Believed

But The Grandmother Sees
She Somehow Knows
What Happens When An Era Goes The Way Of The Eagle Over Mountain Tops

Though He Is Not Seen
His Flying Hardly Stops
Except To Rest Awhile, His Strength Renew
His Eyes To Search Out What's Old, What's New

Grandmother Tells Her Children To Watch, To Wait, For Time Matters Not
Unless Things Held Precious Are Too Soon Forgot

It's A Long Time To Live But When Life Is Done
It Will Go On In Yet Another One

For The Eagle Flies
Though We See Him Not He But Rests On Yet Another Mountain Top
Earth's Blessings Flowing Like Waters Freely From The Heart Of One Who Cares

Used With Permission
CopyRight © 2000-
A Song Of The Aged By Rita Trafford
"Small Feet Dancing"

"The Morning Dance"

He Danced In The Early Hours Of The Morning
His Feet Keeping Time To A Drumbeat That Only He Could Hear
Beneath The Wolf's Head
His Face Wrinkled With Age
Like A Riverbed Gone Dry After Many Seasons Of Drought
Held The Look Of One Communicating With Another World
His Eyes Were Those Of One Who Knows Many Things
Locked In The Frozen Stare Of A Vision
He is Shaman

He Sang A Song, Asking The Great Spirit For Wisdom
Words To Help His People Survive The Influence Of The White Man's World
His Song Echoed Beneath The Early Morning's Sun
And Returned To Wake Mother Earth From Her Sleeping
She Chased Away The Shadows Of Night
When She Threw Off Her Dark Blanket Of The Sky

The Old Man Moved His Bent Frame Beneath The Wolf's Head
His Body Moved As The Four Legged Move
He Danced His Morning Dance
His Feet Keeping Time With The Beat Of Mother Earth's Heart
His Song The Song Of A Spirit To Another Spirit
He Stretched Out His Arms As He Moved In A Circle
Like The Eagle And The Wolf, He Would Capture His Prey Within The Circle
It Would Be The Answer To His Prayer
It Would Come To The Circle As A Vision For His People

As I Watched The Shaman Dance And Heard His Song
His Spirit Touched My Own
The Wolf's Eyes Had Found My Own Eyes
I Saw What The Wolf Saw
The Vision Of The Shaman

He Danced Until The Sun Was High In The Morning's Sky And The Vision Came
His People Would Suffer But Would Not Die
His Prayer Would Be Answered In Their Children's Children
His Words Would Heal Their Hearts Of Many Wounds
The Wolf Would Still Be Heard In His Hunting Grounds
The Buffalo Would Again Be Seen On The Prairie
These Things Would Be Wounded But Would Not Die
The People Would Be Wounded But Would Not Die
The Shaman Would Dance His Morning Dance
Dance On The Rays Of Morning's Sun For Yet Many Moons To Come
He Would Not Die

It Is With Thanksgiving For The Vision
That I Offer "The Morning Dance" To My Friends And All Native Americans
I Believe They Too Can Hear The Shaman's Song
To See Him Dance On The Rays Of Morning's Sun
If They Can Offer This Same Prayer For The Children Of Mother Earth
May That Good Spirit Also Bless All Of Those Who Are Oppressed And Suffer

Used With Permission
CopyRight © 2000-
The Morning Dance By Rita Trafford
"Small Feet Dancing"

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