River Of Dreams
By Randall Beers

Standing On The Riverbank Watching The Water Flow
The Setting Sun Gives Up Its Last Rays
Feeling The Gentleness Of The Wind Blow
Recalling My Love Of Youth Spent Days

When Skipping Stones And Flying Kites
Filled My Days With Fun Delight
The Sky Ablaze With Wondrous Sights
When My Friends And I Camped Out At Night

Running Through Puddles Created By The Rain
The Sweet Smell Of Freshly Mown Grass
Going Fishing With A Bamboo Cane
The Pranks We Pulled In Science Class

Playing Baseball Using A Stick For A Bat
Watching The Graceful Flight Of A Turtledove
Chasing Up A Tree Our Neighbor's Cat
The Bashful Experience Of My First Love

Flowing Along Just As Water Does
Searching For What It Means
It's The Way That Life Goes
Standing By My River Of Dreams

River Of Dreams
May 2nd 1999
CopyRight By Randall Beers
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved

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Note From The Author About The Poem

As A Teenager I Had A Special Place I Would Go To Dream Of Life
And The Way Things Would Be When I Grew Older
Now I Return There To Remember The Times I Had
And Wishing I Hadn't Grown Old

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