Rose Poetry

"Some People Are Always Grumbling That Roses Have Thorns
I Am Thankful That Thorns Have Roses"

Alphonse Kerr

Rose Color Meanings

Red-----Love, Passion, Respect, Courage

White-----Innocence, Purity, Secrecy

Yellow-----Joy, Friendship


Light Pink-----Grace, Gladness, Joy

Dark Pink-----Thankfulness

Lavender-----Love At First Sight, Enchantment


A Dozen Roses

I Got A Dozen Roses
From A Friend The Other Day
But I Only Have 1 Left
For I Gave Them All Away

I Gave One To My Sister
Who To Me Is Very Dear
In Hopes That It Will Bring To Her
A Little Floral Cheer

I Took One To A Friend
Who's Not Feeling Very Well
The Flower Or The Visit
Which Helped More I Could Not Tell

One Went To A Friend
I Haven't Known For Very Long
She Struggles, So In Some Small Way
I Hope This Helps Her Carry On

The Rest Went To The Ones
Who've Helped Me In So Many Ways
They Have Been A Cheerful Presence
On My Dreary Days

The Roses Were So Pretty
I Just Could Not Keep Them All
Except One Single Bud Standing
Beautiful And Tall.

My Friend Gave Me The Flowers
To Help Brighten Up My Day
But The Biggest Joy I Received
Was Giving Them Away

Author Unknown

The Rose

It Is Only A Tiny Rosebud
A Flower Of God's Design
But I Cannot Unfold The Petals
With These Clumsy Hands Of Mine

The Secret Of Unfolding Flowers
Is Not Known To Such As I
The Flower God Opens So Gently
In My Hands Would Fade And Die

If I Can Not Unfold A Rosebud
This Flower Of God's Design
How Can I Have Wisdom
To Unfold This Life Of Mine?

So I'll Trust In Him For His Leading
Each Moment Of Every Day
And I'll Look To Him For His Guidance
Each Step Of The Pilgrim Way

For The PathWay That Lies Before Me
My Heavenly Father Knows
I'll Trust Him To Unfold The Moments
Just As He Unfolds The Rose



The Rose Poem

A Rose Blossoms In The Warm Morning Air
Just Happy That It Can Actually Be There

Alive And Full Of A Great Strength
Feeling That It Can Go To Any Length

Then The Rose Is Pulled Out Of It's Sweet Haven In The Ground
Hoping That It's Going To Be Love Bound

Now The Rose Is Feeling A Little Sad And Blue
Until It's Used As A Sign To Say, "I Love You"

Author Unknown

A Red Red Rose

O' My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose
That's Newly Sprung In June
O' My Luve Is Like The Melodie
That's Sweetly Play'd In Tune

As Fair Art Thou, My Bonnie Lass
So Deep In Luve Am I
And I Will Luve Thee Still, My Dear
Till A' The Seas Gang Dry

Take A' The Seas Gang Dry, My Dear
And The Rocks Melt Wi' The Sun
And I Will Luve Thee Still, My Dear
While The Sands O'Life Shall Run

And Fare Thee Well, My Only Luve
And Fare Thee Well A While
And I Will Come Again, My Luve
Tho' It Were Ten Thousand Mile

Robert Burns 1759-1796

I Am The Rose

I Am The Rose
Independant, Strong, Cunning
Like The Rose
I Will Lure You With Beauty And Promises Of Everlasting Love
Too Late You See The Thorns
And My Petals Are The Color Of Blood

Author Unknown

A Rose Of My Own

A Simple Perfect RoseBud
Bathed In The Moons Eiree Light
And As Night Turns Into Dawn
The Rose Slowly Opens
As If Just For Me
And As It Does
There Is No Place I Would Rather Be
And No Thing That I Could Find
That Could Compare To It's Inner Beauty
It's Sweet Scent, It's Ambience
And As Evening Comes Once More
Flame Is Reduced To Ember And I Leave
Would Every Rose Do The Same
If I Was There To See?
No, I Think Not
This Is My Rose

Author Unknown

Life Is Like A Rose

Before It Lives

A Seed Planted In The Womb Of The Earth, Unnourished
Meaningless, Unliving
Awating The LifeBlood Of The Earth That Surrounds It

Life Is Like A Rose

Then Growth Begins
A Seedling, Sprouting Forth In An UnKnown World
Living, Developing, A Challenge
Growing Within The Earth And Feeding Off It's Mother

Life Is Like A Rose

The Birth Of A Flower
Leaving The Security Of It's Mother
Maturing, Learning, Growing
Exploring It's New World With The Innocence Of A Child

Life Is Like A Rose

The Flower Blooms Giving To The World The Beauty Of Itself
Sharing, Giving, Adulthood
Spreading It's Blossoms For The World To See And Enjoy

Life Is Like A Rose

The Flower Withers
Feeling The Chill Of Fall And Nearing Death
Aging, Remembering, Contentment

Life Is Like A Rose

The Flower Dies
An End To A Full Life In A, Frosty Night
Cold, Lifeless, An Ending
The Flower Returns To The Earth, From Where It Came

Life Is Like A Rose

Author Unknown

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