Rick And Bobbie

Let's Have A Party

Drink Some Green Beer
Eat Some Traditional Irish Food
And Find That Elusive Pot Of Gold

A Traditional Irish Blessing

May There Always Be Work For Your Hands To Do

May Your Purse Always Hold A Coin Or Two

May The Sun Always Shine On Your Window Pane

May A Rainbow Be Certain To Follow Each Rain

May The Hand Of A Friend Always Be Near You

May God Fill Your Heart With Gladness To Cheer You

Author Unknown

Possibly The Only National Holiday That Is Given Recognition Outside It's Native Land
Is St. Patrick's Day

This Is A Clear Indication On The Irish Influence Thoughout The World
For Instance In The United States
Though Not A National Holiday
March 17th Is Recognized In Many Communities And Cities
As St. Patrick's Day

Everything From Parades
To the "Wearing Of The Green"
To Serving Green Beer
They Really Add Green Coloring To Beer!
To Some Places Going As Far As Dying Rivers Green
To Mark The Holiday Of Ireland's Patron Saint

The Biggest Observance Of All Is, Of Course, In Ireland
Almost All Businesses
With The Exception Of Restaurants And Pubs, Close On The 17th Of March
Being A Religious Holiday As Well, Many Attend Mass
It Is The Traditional Day For Offering Prayers For Missionaries Throughout The World
Then The Serious Celebrating Begins In Earnest


The Shamrock Is One Of Ireland's Most Famous Symbols
It Is Said That Saint Patrick Used The Shamrock Or Seamorg
And It's 3 Leaves To Explain The Concept Of The Trinity
The Father
And The Holy Spirit

The Shamrock Is Also Associated With Good Luck!
Many People Wear Shamrocks On St. Patrick's Day

The Shamrock

At One Time Called The "Seamroy"
It Symbolises The Cross And Blessed Trinity

Before The Christian Era It Was A Sacred Plant Of The Druids Of Ireland
Because Its Leaves Formed A Triad
The Well Known Legend Of The Shamrock
Connects It Definitely To St. Patrick And His Teaching
Preaching In The Open Air On The Doctrine Of The Trinity
He Is Said To Have Illustrated The Existence Of The Three In One
By Plucking A Shamrock From The Grass Growing At His Feet
And Showing It To His Congregation

The Legend Of The Shamrock Is Also Connected With That Of The Banishment Of The Serpent Tribe From Ireland By A Tradition That Snakes Are Never Seen On Trefoil And That It Is A Remedy Against The Stings Of Snakes And Scorpions
The Trefoil In Arabia Is Called Shamrakh And Was Sacred In Iran As An Emblem Of The Persian Triads
The Trefoil Being A Sacred Plant Among The Druids
And Three Being A Mystical Number In The Celtic Religion As Well As All Others
It Is Probable That St. Patrick Must Have Been Aware Of The Significance Of His Illustration


The Legendary Leprechaun Is An Elf-Like Creature
In Most Representations He Looks Like A Small Old Man
Leprechauns Like To Spend Their Time Alone Making Shoes
They Live In The Woods And Hide From Everyone
But Maybe This Has Something To Do With Their Mysterious Pots Of Gold!
The Leprechauns Are Said To Keep Their Pots Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow
Some Stories Say If A Leprechaun Likes You, He Will Share His Gold
Others Stories Say That You Must Catch A Leprechaun
Then He Will Take You To His Pot Of Gold

Blarney Stone

The Famous Blarney Stone Is Not Pretend
It Really Exists!

It Is Set In The Wall Of the Blarney Castle In The Irish Village Of Blarney
You Can Visit And Kiss The Blarney Stone
It Is Not An Easy Fete
To Reach The Blarney Stone, You Must Lie Down On Your Back
Then You Bend Your Head Backwards And Downwards To Reach It
It Is Said That Kissing The Blarney Stone Will Give You The Gift Of Blarney
Blarney---Meaning To Speak Convincingly To All You Meet!


The Story Goes That St. Patrick Drove All The Snakes Out Of Ireland And Into The Sea
He Did This By Beating On A Drum
It Was Believed That Snakes Were A Symbol Of Evil
By Driving Them Away St. Patrick Helped To Rid Ireland Of Evil

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick's Day Is Celebrated To Honor Saint Patrick
He Was A Missionary Credited With Converting The Irish To Christianity
It Is Believed That He Was Not Even Irish
Some Say That He Was Born In Either Scotland Or In Roman Britain
When He Was Around 60 Years Old
St. Patrick Traveled To Ireland And Spread The Christian Word

Year Of Birth 385 AD

Died 461 AD

Burial Place--Unknown

Real Name Maewyn Succat

He Adopted The Name Patrick Or Patricius Upon Becoming A Priest

Began Associating The Shamrock For The Christian Holy Trinity

Credited For Removing The Snakes From Ireland

Trained As A Cleric In France

Work History Includes Sheepherder, Preacher, Baptiser And Bishop

Saint Patrick's Day Was First Celebrated In America In 1737

19 American Presidents Claim Irish Heritage

Green Ale Is The Preferred Drink

Add 4 To 6 Drops Of Green Food Coloring To One Pint Of Light Colored Beer
Then Sit Back And Enjoy This Traditional Saint Patrick's Day Brew

Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day

Wear An Emblem In Honor Of The Saint, Generally A Shamrock

Men Should Make A Cross Of A Twig Of Wild Sallow
It Should Be Pinned To The Thatch Inside The House Or Above The Door

Wear The "Trifolium Repens"-White Clover

After Church Go To The Pub To Drink The "Pota Pa/draig"-St. Patricks Pot
Many Acts Of Devotion
Should Be Followed By An Equal Number Of Acts Of Copious Libation

Give Treats And Gifts To Friends And Children

Put The Shamrock That Has Been Worn On The Day Into The Last Glass Of Drink
Toast To The Health Of All
Then Pick the Wet Drowned Shamrock Out Of The Glass And Toss It Over The Left Shoulder

You Must Begin Your Spring Planting Soon After St. Patrick's Day

Some Famous Irish Americans

John F. Kennedy
First Irish-American Catholic To Be Elected U.S. President

Archibald Mellon
Patriarch Of Mellon family
Prominent In Industry
And Art Patronage

Augustus Saint Gaudens
19th-Century Sculptor

John And Ethel Barrymore
Distinguished Stage And Screen Performers

Charles Carroll
Named Maryland's Attorney General In 1688
His Grandfather Signed The Declaration Of Independence

Henry Ford
Established The Ford Motor Company

Judy Garland
Entertainer And singer
She Was Dorothy In "The Wizard Of Oz"

Patrick J. Hurley
Secretary Of War For President Hoover

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