Dreaming Of Yesterday's Sunsets

We Long For Yesterday
When Times Were Simpler
Of Days When You Could Take Your Family Out
And Watch A Beautiful Sunset And See The Man In The Moon

When You Could Enjoy The Wonders Of Nature
As A Loving Family
Enjoying Life

The Days When Mom And Dad's Words Were Law
And You Didn't Dare Question Them

The Days When Ice Cream Hand Cranked By Your Dad
Melted And Slowly Dripped Down Your Hand

The Days When A Watermelon's Sweet Juices Dripped All Over You
What A Glorious Treat

The Days When The Explosions Behind You Were Of Wonderous Fireworks
That Filled The Overhead Sky With Beauty
And Were Not The Sound Of Gunshots

The Days When You Shook The Hands Of All Your Friends Around You
And Did Not Worry About Unlocked Car Doors And Front Doors At Home

The Days When Kids , Played Cops And Robbers
And Shot At Each Other With Cap Guns And Not Real Guns

The Days When You Played Hide And Seek Long After Dark

The Days When Families Went To Church On Sundays

The Days When Stores Weren't Open On The Holidays

The Days Days When Grandpa Let You Drive The Tractor

Your Brother Making Your First Pair Of Stilts

Thanksgiving At Grandma And Grandpas Kichen

The Smell Of Grandma's Fresh Baked Pies

The Days When You Kissed Your Parents Before You Went To School

The Days When Buttons Off Old Shirts Were Saved For Mending

The Days Of Making A Beautiful Quilt With Mom And Grandma

The Days When 'AYDS' Was Something To Help You Lose Weight

The Days When Our Government Supported Those Returning From Foreign Wars

The Days Of Watching Dad Work On The Family Car
Under The Shade Of An Old Elm Tree Without Hearing Him Cursing

The Days When The Family Went Out As A Special Treat

The Days When Mom And Dad Kissed And We Didn't Think It Was Icky
We Marveled At How Much In Love That They Were

The Days When We Looked Forward As Kids
To Growing Up And Getting Married
And Making That Marriage Last For A Lifetime

The Days When We Weren't Afraid To Go To School

When Mom And Dad Told Us All That We Needed To Know About Life And Sex

The Days Before Cable T.V. And VCR's And Sex On T.V.
When The Family Played Board Games Together

The Days When 'POT' Was Something That Your Mom Cooked In

The Day When Heroin Meant A Movie Star That You Idolized

The Days When Mary Jane Was Just A Name

The Day When Elvis Sang And The Lyrics Were Understandable

The Days When Feuds Were Settled With Fists
Not Knives And Guns

The Days When Noone Had Heard Of Vietnam Or Even Knew Where It Was

The Days When Soldiers Heard The Hint Of War But None Of Them Were Dying

The Days When All Soldiers Were "Welcomed Home" As Hero's

The Days When Cars And Gasoline Meant Sunday Drives

The Days When American Workers Took Pride In Workmanship
A Time When They Had Lifetime Jobs

The Days When Jobs Were Passed From Father To His Sons And Daughters

The Days When You Fell Asleep At The Drive-In Movie
And Were Carried Into The House By Dad

The Days When Dad Would Sneak Out And Come Back With A Pizza
The Days When Noone Delivered

The Days When You Were Given A Pet
And You Had To Take Care Of And Love Them
Because They Were Yours And A Part Of The Family

The Days When You Could Walk To School Safely
And Know You Would Come Home To Mom And Dad At The End Of The Day

The Days Of Rainbows Glistening In The Gentle Rain

Ah Yes
The Sweeter Memories Of Yesterday's Beautiful Sunset Skies

CopyRight 2000-
Yesterday's Sunsets
Rick "Irockblue"
And Bobbie "Irockslady"
Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Tenderly Calling

I Can Close My Eyes And Call It All Back
Sweet Summer Evenings Heavy With Honeysuckle
The Sunset Turning The Grass Bright Green

And If I Cock My Ear Just So
I Can Hear Music Echoing
Wafting Across The Fields And Up The Street
Forget The Day
Come Join In

Come Sing
Songs Sung By Your Mother
Clutching A Hymn Book
Leaning Close
To Share The Words

Songs Sung Low And Soft By Your Father
Still In His Work Clothes

Songs Sung By Your Sister In Her Summer Dress
Looking Back In Hopes Of Seeing
And Being Seen By The Boys In The Back Row
Pretending To Sing
As They Watch The Girls In Soft Summer Dresses

Songs Sung By Neighbors Relaxed In The Cool Of Evening
Songs Sung In High
Tinny Voices By Old Ladies In Hats
Flushed With The Anticipation Of Redemption

Songs Sung Over The Bobbing Heads Of Children
Fidgeting And Dodging Their Mother's Pinches

Songs Played On An Old Upright
Full Of The Comfort Of Major Chords

The Place In Old Songs
Where Every Heart And Voice Meets Is The Chorus

The Simple Refrain With Lots Of Repetitions
The The Harmony Improves With Verse
Growing Louder And More Confident
Until It Rings Out Across The Fields And Up The Streets
Calling Forget The Day
Come Join In
Come Sing

Author Unknown

Common Sense

Never Under Any Circumstances Take A Sleeping Pill
And A Laxative On The Same Night

If You Had To Identify In One Word
The Reason Why The Human Race Has Not Achieved
And Never Will Achieve Its Full Potential
That Word Would Be "Meetings"

There Is A Very Fine Line Between "Hobby" And "Mental Illness"

People Who Want To Share Their Religious Views With You
Almost Never Want You To Share Yours With Them

And When God
Who Created The Entire Universe With All Of It's Glories
Decides To Deliver A Message To Humanity
He "WILL NOT" Use As His Messenger
A Person On Cable TV With A Bad Hairstyle

You Should Not Confuse Your Career With Your Life

No Matter What Happens
Somebody Will Find A Way To Take It Too Seriously

When Trouble Arises And Things Look Bad
There Is Always One Individual Who Perceives A Solution
And Is Willing To Take Command
Very Often
That Individual Is Crazy

Nobody Cares If You Can't Dance Well
Just Get Up And Dance

Never Lick A Steak Knife

Take Out The Fortune Before You Eat The Cookie

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Is Gossip

You Will Never Find Anybody
Who Can Give You A Clear And Compelling Reason
As To Why We Observe Daylight Savings Time

You Should Never Say Anything To A Woman
That Even Remotely Suggests You Think She's Pregnant
Unless You Can See An Actual Baby Emerging From Her At That Moment

There Comes A Time
When You Should Stop Expecting Other People To Make A Big Deal About Your Birthday
That Time Is Age 11

"The One Thing That Unites All Human Beings
Regardless Of Age Gender Religion, Economic Status Or Ethnic Background
Is That
Deep Down Inside
We ALL Believe That We Are Above Average Drivers

The Main Accomplishment Of Almost All Organized Protests
Is To Annoy People Who Are Not In Them

A Person Who Is Nice To You
But Rude To The Waiter
Is Not A Nice Person

Your Friends Love You, Anyway

Author Unknown

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