The Ice Cream Prayer

Last Week I Took My Children To A Restaurant
My Six-Year-Old Son Asked If He Could Say Grace

As We Bowed Our Heads He Said
God Is Good
God Is Great
Thank You For The Food
And I Would Even Thank You More
If Mom Gets Us Ice Cream For Dessert
And Liberty And Justice For All!


Along With The Laughter From The Other Customers Nearby
I Heard A Woman Remark
That's What's Wrong With This Country
Kids Today Don't Even Know How To Pray
Asking God For Ice Cream!
Why, I Never!

Hearing This, My Son Burst Into Tears And Asked Me
Did I Do It Wrong?
Is God Mad At Me?

As I Held Him And Assured Him That He Had Sone A Terrific Job And God Was Certainly Not Mad At Him, An Elderly Gentleman Approached The Table
He Winked At My Son And Said
I Happen To Know That God Thought That Was A Great Prayer

My Son Asked

Cross My Heart
Then In A Theatrical Whisper He Added (Indicating The Woman Whose Remark Had Started This Whole Thing)
Too Bad She Never Asks God For Ice Cream
A Little Ice Cream Is Good For The Soul Sometimes

Naturally, I Bought My Kids Ice Cream At The End Of The Meal
My Son Stared At His Ice Cream For A Moment
Then He Did Something I Will Remember The Rest Of My Life

He Picked Up His Sundae
And Without A Word Walked Over And Placed It In Front Of The Woman

With A Big Smile He Told Her
This Is For You
Ice Cream Is Good For The Soul Sometimes
And My Soul Is Good Already"

Author Unknown

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