In Tune With God

A Native American And His Friend Were In Downtown New York City
They Were Walking Near Times Square In Manhattan
It Was During The Noon Lunch Hour And The Streets Were Filled With People
Cars Were Honking Their Horns
Taxicabs Were Squealing Around Corners
Sirens Were Wailing
The Sounds Of The City Were Almost Deafening

Suddenly, The Native American Said, I Hear A Cricket
His Friend Said, What? You Must Be Crazy
You Couldn't Possibly Hear A Cricket In All Of This Noise!
No, I'm Sure Of It, The Native American Said, I Heard A Cricket
That's Crazy, Said The Friend

The Native American Listened Carefully For A Moment
He Then Walked Across The Street To A Big Cement Planter
There Were Some Shrubs Growing There
He Looked Into The Bushes Beneath The Branches
Sure Enough He Located A Small Cricket
His Friend Was Utterly Amazed

That's Incredible Said His Friend
You Must Have Superhuman Ears!
No Said The Native American
My Ears Are No Different From Yours
It All Depends On What You Are Listening For

But That Can't Be! Said The Friend
I Could Never Hear A Cricket In This Noise
Yes It's True Came The Reply
It All Depends On What Is Really Important To You
Here Let Me Show You
He Reached Into His Pocket And Pulled Out A Few Coins
He Discreetly Dropped Them On The Sidewalk
Then With The Noise Of The Crowded Street Still Blaring In Their Ears
They Noticed Every Head Within Twenty Feet Turn
The People Looked To See If The Money That Tinkled On The Pavement Was Theirs

See What I Mean? Asked The Native American
It All Depends On What's Important To You

What's Important To You?
What Do You Listen For?
Some People Say That There Is No God
That He Never Speaks To Us Anymore
Perhaps They Can't See Or Hear Him Because They Aren't Listening For Him
They Are Living For Themselves
Not For God!

If You Are In Tune With God
You Will Be Able To Notice Him At Work In Your Life And In The World
And You Will Be Able To Hear Him When He Speaks

Author Unknown

Teach Me

Earth Teach Me Quiet
As The Grasses Are Still With New Light

Earth Teach Me Suffering
As Old Stones Suffer With Memory

Earth Teach Me Humility
As Blossoms Are Humble With Beginning

Earth Teach Me Caring
As Mothers Nurture Their Young

Earth Teach Me Courage
As The Tree That Stands Alone

Earth Teach Me Limitation
As The Ant That Crawls On The Ground

Earth Teach Me Freedom
As The Eagle That Soars In The Sky

Earth Teach Me Acceptance
As The Leaves That Die Each Fall

Earth Teach Me renewal
As The Seed That Rises In The Spring

Earth Teach Me To Forget Myself
As Melted Snow Forgets Its Life

Earth Teach Me to Remember Kindness
As Dry Fields Weep With Rain

Author Unknown

An American Indian Prayer

Give Us Hearts To Understand
Never To Take From Creation's Beauty More Than We Give
Never To Destroy Wantonly For The Furtherance Of Greed
Never To Deny To Give Our Hands For The Building Of Earth's Beauty
Never To Take From Her What We Cannot Use
Give Us Hearts To Understand
That To Disort Earth's Music Is To Create Confusion
That To Wreck Her Appearance Is To Blind Us To Beauty
That To Callously Pollute Her Fragrance Is To Make A House Of Stench
That As We Care For Her She Will Care For Us

Author Unknown

Treat The Earth Well

It Was Not Given To You By Your Parents
It Was Loaned To You By Your Children

Ancient Indian Proverb


If The Creator Put It There
It Is In The Right Place
The Soul Would Have No Rainbow
If The Eyes Had No Tears

Ancient Indian Proverb

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