To All Of Our Family And Friends
From Rick
Bobbie And Rasky

If You Can Find Pleasure In The Movement Of A Butterfly
Then You Still Have Hope
Hope Puts A Smile On Your Face
Even When The Heart Cannot Manage

Author Unknown

The History of Valentines Day

The Story Behind St. Valentines Day Is A Fascinating One
Valentine's Day Developed Its Earlier Origins In the Roman Festival Lupercalia
It Was Observed On February 15th

Lupercalia Celebrated The Coming Of Spring In The Roman Calendar
Lupercalia Became A Celebration Of Life
Lupercalia Was Intended To Ensure The Fertility Of Flocks, Fields And People

In AD 496, Pope Gelasius Outlawed The Pagan Festival
But There Were Many Other Pagan Holidays
It Was Replaced By A Christian Holiday Thought To Be More Morally Suitable

Pope Gelasius Needed A Saint To Replace Lupercus, The Pagan Deity
In Order To Keep The Holiday Similar To The Theme Of Love
The Pope Chose The Martyred Bishop Valentine

Legend Has It That Valentine Was A Third-Century Priest
He Defied Emperor Claudius II By Helping Persecuted Christians
Valentine Was Thrown In Jail And Condemned To Death

While In Prison The Priest Befriended The Jailer, Asterius And His Blind Daughter
Asterius' Daughter Befriended The Kind Priest By Bringing Food And Messages To Him

After Sometime In Prison The Priest Was Ordered To Appear Before The Emperor
Claudius Liked The Dignity The Young Priest Possessed
Claudius Tried To Convert The Priest From Christianity To Save Him From Execution
Before His Execution, He Healed Asterius' Daughter From Her Blindness
He Then Converted The Two Of Them To Christianity

Legend Also Says That On The Eve Of His Execution
Valentine Wrote A Farewell Letter To The Jailer's Daughter
Whom He Had Fallen In Love With
He Signed The Letter With A Phrase That Has Endured

"From Your Valentine"

To Bobbie And Rasky

My Words

At Some Point And Time
You Both Came My Way
Now I Am Able To Turn To Both Of You And Say

It's Not Much But This Verse Is My Forte
And The One Way That I Can Express
Happy Valentines Day

Some Days There Are Many Small Problems That Bother Both Of You
But This Day
Smile And Don't Be Blue

Just Remember That No Matter Where I Go Or What I Do
That I Will Always Love The Both Of You

The Beauty In The Roses And You
Is What I See
I Wish That We Could Live For All Of Eternity

Without You
I Am Only One
You Both Mean The World To Me
You Are The Ones That I Love On Valentines Day
This February

Being Alone
I Had Grown Accustomed To
I Had Noone In My Life
I Had Nothing To Do

Then I Met Both Of You
And I Finally Realized That Dreams Really Do Come True

I Will Forever Be Your Rose
Not A Thorn In Your Side
The Feelings In Me Are Right
I Can No Longer Hide

I Can No Longer Fade Away Like An Ebbing Tide
Because Hit Me With An Arrow
And I Have Not Died

I Finally Understand
That With God's Help From Above
That I Am Capable Of Anything
Including Love

I Found That I Have A Lot To Give
BecauseHit Me With An Arrow And Let Me Live

CopyRight 2001-
Rick Irockblue 01-14-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Happy Valentines Day To My Baby Girl (Bobbie)
And To All Of My Loving Family

To Rick And Rasky

The Gift

I Never Thought Dreams Came True
Movies And Love Stories Were Made For Fools

You Think That You Found The One Who Would Be True
Only To Find Them With Someone New

I'd Rather My Heart Be Alone Than Break
Then To Have A Man Who's Love Is Fake

Then One Day I Dared Give A Try
Hoping This Man's Love Wasn't A Lie

I Took A Chance On This Stranger That I Met
If He Was For Real Then On Him I Would Bet

I Asked An Angel For Assistance That Day
To Have A True Love Come My Way

The Angel Smiled And Gave Me A Lift
In His Eyes I Saw The Perfect Gift

's Arrow Shot Me Straight Through The Heart
With Him I Found A Brand New Start

With Him My Life's Wish Has Come True
It Began With A Hello And A Smile From You

I Thank That Angel Each And Every Day
For The Gift Of Love That He Shot My Way

Everyday In Everyway
I Will Smile And Say
I Love You More And More
Each And Every Day

I Found That I Had A Lot To Give
Because Hit Me With An Arrow And Let Me Live

CopyRight 2001-
Bobbie Irockslady 1-14-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Happy Valentines Day To My Giant (Rick)
And To All Of My Loving Family

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