Bobbie Rasky And I Wish To Walk Mother Earth In Peace With You
Hand In Hand As Brother And Sister

Bobbie And I Were Calling American Indians
Native Americans

We Were Corrected By A Few American Indian Friends That We Have Met On Line
We Thank Them For Their Understanding That We Are Trying To Learn

The Words Below Have Taught Us Both What We Needed To Know
We Are All Americans But The American Indians Are True Americans

What Is Native?

It Is Not Blood That Makes A Native American
It Is The Soul
Too Many
With Fire Of Native Blood
Walk Ignored
Do Not Say That I Am Apache Or Kickapoo
Do Not Say That I Am Sioux Or Cherokee
I Am Of The Mother Tribe
This Is The Pain Of Our Children
To Return From The Stars Without A Home Or Community
A Tribe Lost Returns
Scattered In The Wind
Those Who Hear Must Unite And Reap The Seed Of This Return

ONE Tribe
ONE Earth
ONE Heart
ONE People

Those With Ears Must Build A Fire And Give Thanks This Night
Be United With ONE Soul
Oh My Children Come Home
Teachers Step Forward Without Fear
You Are Real

Author Unknown

Song Of The Wind

Listen Closely As The Gentle Wind Blows
It Sings Songs Of Joy For You
Of Sweet Places Where Pure Water Flows
It Sings Of Mountains, Trees And Misty Dew

It Sings A Lonely Sacred Song
As It Whistles Through The Pines
It Sings To Us And We Must Listen
With Our Hearts, Our Souls, Our Minds

May The Wind Sing To You
And The Sun Rise In Your Heart

Author Unknown

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