World Peace And Prayer Day
June 21 In Any Year

No Matter What Nationality Or Religion You May Be
Please Take Time Out For A Prayer For World Peace

Native African Prayers For Peace

Almighty God
The Great Thumb We Cannot Evade To Tie Any Knot

The Roaring Thunder That Splits Mighty Trees

The All Seeing Lord Up On High
Who Sees Even The Footprints Of An Antelope On A Rock Mass Here On Earth

You Are The One
Who Does Not Hesitate To Respond To Our Call

You Are The Cornerstone Of Peace

O Great Spirit Of Our Ancestors
I Raise My Pipe To You

To Your Messengers The Four Winds
And To Mother Earth Who Provides For Your Children

Give Us The Wisdom To Teach Our Children To Love
To Respect
And To Be Kind To Each Other
So That They May Grow With Peace In Mind

Let Us Learn To Share All Good Things
That You Provide For Us On This Earth

The Above Applet Was Made For Us By WhiteHawk's Akitas
Thank You Gary And Katie
Thank You For Being Our Friends

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