Where Is God?

He Was Just A Little Lad
And On The Weeks First Day
Was Wandering Home From Sunday School
And Dawdling All The Way

He Scuffed His Shoes Into The Grass
He Found A Caterpillar
He Found A Fluffy Milk Weed Pod
And Blew Out All The Filler

A Bird's Nest In A Tree O'er Head
So Wisely Placed On High
Was Just Another Wonder
That Caught His Eager Eye

A Neighbor Watched His Zig-Zag Course
And Hailed Him From The Lawn
Asked Him Where He'd Been That Day
And What Was Going On

"I've Been To Bible School" He Said
And Turned A Piece Of Sod
He Picked Up A Wiggly Worm And Said
"I've Learned A Lot About God"

"A Very Fine Way", The Neighbor Replied
"For A Boy To Spend His Time"
"If You Will Tell Me Where God Is"
"I Will Give You A Brand New Dime"

Quick As A Flash His Answer Came!
Nor Were His Accents Faint
"I Will Give You A Dollar Mister"
"If You Will Tell Me Where God Ain't"

Author Unknown

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