Our Dedication To Whitey

To Our Friend Whitey
God Speed
And May The Angels Watch Over You
We Will Miss Our Talks Over The Fence With You

From Your Friends
Rick, Bobbie And Rasky

Carmen O. "Whitey" Ryan
Missed By His Loving Wife Jean
And His Family And Friends

Whitey Was An Ex Boxer

Was Also A Deputy U.S. Marshall

November--6th--1917 To May 30th--2000
Laid To Rest At Medway Cemetary--Ohio

May Your Soul Bloom In Heaven
As Beautiful As The Flowers That You And Your Wife Grew Here On Earth

God's Garden Must Be Beautiful

God Looked Around The Garden
And Found A Beautiful Space
He Looked Down Upon The Earth
And Saw Your Tired Face

He Put His Arms Around You
And Lifted You To Rest
God's Garden Must Be Beautiful
For He Only Takes The Best

He Knew That You Were Weary
And He Knew You Were In Pain
He Knew That You Would Never Be Well On Earth Again

He Saw The Roads Were Getting Rough
And The Hills Were Hard To Climb
So He Closed Your Weary Eyelids
And "Whispered Peace Be Mine"

As Printed On Whitey's Prayer Card

Author Unknown

Perhaps You Sent A Lovely Card
Or Sat Quietly In A Chair
Perhaps You Sent A Funeral Spray
If So We Saw It There

Perhaps You Spoke The Kindest Words
As Any Friend Could Say
Perhaps You Were Not There At All
Just Thought Of Us That Day

Whatever You Did To Console Our Hearts
We Thank You So Much
Whatever The Part

Author Unknown

For The Family Of Carmen O. "Whitey" Ryan

There's Lot's Of Things
With Which We Are Blessed
Our Problems Have Been Few
But Of Them All
This One's The Best
To Have Had A Friend Like You

In Times Of Trouble
Some Friends Say
"Just Ask, I Will Help You Through It"
But You Didn't Wait
For Us To Ask
You Just Got Up And Helped Us!

And We Can Think
Of Nothing More
That We Could Wisely Do
Than To Have Known A Friend
And To Have Been A Friend

And To Have Had A Friend Like You

Judith Bond-1987

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