Bobbie And Rasky Love Winnie The Pooh

If You Live To Be A Hundred
I Want To Live To Be A Hundred Minus One Day
So I Never Have To Live Without You

~Winnie The Pooh~

Feelin' Groovy

Slow Down
You Move Too Fast
You Got To Make The Morning Last
Just Kicking Down The Cobble Stones
Looking For Fun And Feelin' Groovy

Hello Lamp Post
What Cha Knowing?
I've Come To Watch Your Flowers Growing
Ain't Cha Got No Rhymes For Me?
Doot-in' Doo-Doo, Feelin' Groovy

Got No Deeds To Do
No Promises To Keep
I'm Dappled And Drowsy And Ready To Sleep
Let The Morning Time Drop All Its Petals On Me
I Love You
All Is Groovy

Simon And Garfunkel

The Best Of Simon And Garfunkel

The 59th Street Bridge Song
Feelin' Groovy

Winnie The Pooh Trivia

A. What Does Pooh, Rabbit And Piglet
Plan To Say When Kanga Realizes Piglet Is In Her Pouch And Not Roo?

B. Who Gets The Hiccups At Pooh's Party?

C. On The Walk To Lose Tigger
Roo Can't Go Because He Has A Cough
What Kind Of Cough Is It?

D. What Does Eeyore Say About Accidents?

E. What Does Christopher Robin Say In The Notice He Pins To His Front Door?

F. On The Day Rabbit And The Others Try To Lose Tigger At The Top Of The Forest
What Is The Weather Like?

G. What Does Pooh's "Sinking Feeling" Mean?

H. How Long Is Pooh Wedged In Rabbit's Doorway?

I. What Does Pooh Do To Try To Look Like A Small Black Raincloud?

J. When Pooh Gets Out Of Bed In The Morning
What Is The First Thing That He Says To Himself?

K. What Does Piglet Eat?

L. What Words Can't Owl Spell?

M. When Pooh, Christopher Robin And The Gang Go On "The Expotition"
What Are They Looking For?

N. What Does Eeyore Say About Birthdays?

O. Why Do Rabbit's Friends And Relations Wait At Pooh's Party?

P. What Does Kanga Give Piglet For Him Playing A Trick On Her?

Q. What Name Is Above The Door Of Pooh's house?

R. What Foods Does Tigger Not Like For Breakfast?

S. What Does Tigger Finally Find That He Likes To Eat?

T. When Piglet Gets Startled And Jumps
How Does He Try To Show He Wasn't Scared?

U. When Christopher Robin Is 100 Years Old
How Old Will Pooh Be?

V. What Does Pooh Give Eeyore For A Birthday Present?

W. What Does Christopher Robin Name The Boat Made From An Umbrella?

X. After Piglet Gives His House To Owl
Where Does He Go To Live?

Y. What Rank Of Honor Does Christopher Robin Give To Pooh?

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