The Wolf Deserves A Place In This World
And The Respect Of All Mankind
For We Truly Do Share This Earth

Listen To The Howl Of The Wolf
And You Can Hear A Haunting Melody That Only He Can Understand

Watch The Wolf As She Cares For Her Young
And See A Bit Of Ourselves

Look Into The Eyes Of A Wolf
And You Can See The Haunting Realism Of Our Past

Look Into The Eyes Of A Wolf
And You Can See The Center Of Your Own Soul

Do Not Discard The Wolf For He Is A Link To Our Past
And A Window Into Our Future

Losing The Wolf Would Be To Lose Ourselves
And In Losing Ourselves We Lose A Part Of Our Past That We Cannot Recover

Like The Wolf We Must Learn
And Live In Harmony

The Wolf Teaches It's Young To Hunt For It's Survival
And We Must Let The Cycle Continue So That The Spirit Doesn't Die

For All Creatures, Predator And Prey The Spirit Must Live On
And Not Be Destroyed By Any Man, For It Will Ultimately Destroy Him Too

Above Pictures Courtesy Of Amerak.com

Like The Wolf
Our Lives Came Full Circle And Brought Us Together
The Circle Will Not Be Broken

In The Night

Silent Stalker On The Outskirts Of Sound
Can You Hear The Gentle Steps
Or Is It The Wind That Whispers And Reaches My Soul
If I Close My Eyes, Can I Feel Your Shadow As You Pass By
Will I Feel Your Spirit, Slowly Moving, Yet Unseen
Listen Closely And You Will Hear, The Silent Wind That Whispers
And Travels Through The Trees

In The Night CopyRight 2000-
Bobbie ~IrocksLady~ 7-8-00
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Wolf Dreams

The Leaves Crackle Under Foot
The Crickets Are Silenced
In The Moonlight A Shadow Falls On A Mouse
The Owl, The Ghost In The Night
Swoops On It's Unsuspecting Prey
I Raise My Head, But Not In Fear
My Brothers Are Close By
I Can Feel Them
I Can See The Eyes Of The Pack
Two Come Foward And Lay Their Heads On Either Side Of Me
A Young Pup Pulls Itself Onto My Lap
The Alpha Wolf, Pure Silver, Steps Forward
His Mate, Pewter, Beside Him
I Whisper To Him, His Ears Perked At The Sound
They Curl Up Around Me In The Chill Of The Night
In The Morning, They Are Gone
Were They Really There?
The Only Sign Is A Paw Print In The Mud

Author Unknown

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