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50's Sayings

"I Will Tell You One Thing
If Things Keep Going The Way That They Are
It's Going To Be Impossible To Buy A Week's Groceries For $20.00"

"I Read The Other Day
That Some Scientist Think That It's Possible
To Put A Man On The Moon By The End Of The Century
They Even Have Some Fellows They Call Astronauts Preparing For It Down In Texas"

"Did You Read Where Some BaseBall Player Has Just Signed A Contract For $75,000
$75,000 A Year Just To Play BaseBall?
It Wouldn't Surprise Me If Someday They Will Be Making More Than The President"

"I Will Tell You One Thing
If My Kid Ever Talks Back To Me
They Won't Be Able To Sit Down For A Week"

"Have You Seen The New Cars Coming Out Next Year?
It Won't Be Long When $5000 Will Only Buy A Used One"

"If Cigarettes Keep Going Up In Price
I Am Going To Quit
A Quarter A Pack Is Ridiculous"

"Did You Hear
The Post Office Is Thinking About Charging A Dime Just To Mail A Letter?"

"The Government Is Wanting To Get It's Hands On Everything
Pretty Soon It's Going To Be Impossible To Run A Family Business Or Farm"

"If They Raise The Minimum Wage To $1.00
Nobody Will Be Able To Hire Outside Help At The Store"

"When I First Started Driving
Who Would Have Thought Gas Would Someday Cost 50 Cents A Gallon
Guess We Would Be Better Off Leaving The Car In The Garage"

"Kids Today Are Impossible
Those Duck Tail Hair Cuts Make It Impossible To Stay Groomed
Next Thing You Know
Boys Will Be Wearing Their Hair As Long As The Girls"

"Their Music Drives Me Nuts
This 'Rock Around The Clock' Thing Is Nothing But Racket"

"Pretty Soon You Won't Be Able To Buy A Good 10 Cent Cigar"

"Do You Suppose Television Will Ever Reach Our Part Of The Country?"

"I Never Thought I'd See The Day All Our Kitchen Appliances Would Be Electric
They Are Even Making Electric Typewriters Now"

"It's Too Bad Things Are So Tough Nowadays
I See Where A Few Married Women Are Having To Work To Make Ends Meet"

"What, The New Church In Town Is Allowing Women To Wear Slacks To Their Service?"

"Next Thing You Know Is, The Government Will Start Paying Us Not To Grow Crops"

"It Won't Be Long
Before Young Couples Are Going To Have To Hire Someone To Watch Their Kids
Then They Can Both Work

"Marriage Doesn't Mean A Thing Anymore
Those Hollywood Stars Seem To Be Getting Divorced At The Drop Of A Hat"

I Just Hate To See Young People Smoking
Like I Tell My Kids
"Don't Take A Cigarette From ANYONE
You Never Know What Might Be In It"

"Why In The World Would You Want To Send Your Daughter To College?
Isn't She Going To Get Married?
It Would Be Different If She Could Be A Doctor Or A Lawyer"

"The Drive-In Restaurant Is Convenient In Nice Weather
But I Seriously Doubt That They Will Ever Catch On"

"I'm Just Afraid
The Volkswagen Car Is Going To Open The Door To A Whole Lot Of Foreign Business"

"Thank Goodness
I Won't Live To See The Day When The Government Takes Half Our Income In Taxes
I Sometimes Wonder If We Are Electing The Best People To Congress"

"There Is No Sense In Going To Reno Nevada Anymore For A Weekend
It Costs Nearly $15.00 A Night To Stay In A Hotel"

"No One Can Afford To Be Sick Anymore
$35.00 A Day In The Hospital Is Too Rich For My Blood"

"If A Few Idiots Want To Risk Their Necks Flying Across The Country That's Fine
But Nothing Will Ever Replace Trains"

"I Don't Know About You But If They Raise The Price Of Coffee To 15 Cents
I Will Just Have To Start Drinking Mine At Home"

"If They Think I Will Pay 50 Cents For A Hair Cut
Forget It
I Will Have My Wife Learn To Cut Hair"

"Cars Which Dim Their Lights By Sensors And Automatic Transmissions
And Who Knows What Else?
Pretty Soon The Cars Will Drive Themselves"

"We Won't Be Going Out Much Anymore
Our Baby Sitter Informed Us That She Wants 50 Cents An Hour
Kids Today Must Think That Money Grows On Trees"

Author Unknown

Ah, Yes!!!
Never Again To See $.30 Cents A Gallon For Gasoline


Mistakes Were Corrected By Simply Exclaiming, "Do Over!"

It Wasn't Odd To Have Two Or Three "Best" Friends

Being Old Referred To Anyone Over 20

The Net On A Tennis Court Was The Perfect Heighth To Play Volleyball
The Rules Of The Game Didn't Matter

The Worst Thing That You Could Catch From The Opposite Sex Was Cooties

It Was Unbelievable That Dodgeball Wasn't An Olympic Event

Nobody Was Prettier Than Mom

Scrapes And Bruises Were Kissed And Made Better

It Was A Big Deal
To Finally Be Tall Enough To Ride The "Big People" Rides At The Amusement Park

Abilities Were Discovered Because Of A "Double Dog Dare"

Saturday Morning Cartoons Weren't 30-minute Ads For Action Figures

"Oly-Oly-Oxen-Free" Made Perfect Sense

War Was A Card Game

Water Balloons Were The Ultimate Weapon

Ice Cream Was Considered A Basic Food Group

Taking Drugs Meant Orange-Flavored Chewable Aspirin Or

Orange-Flavored Chewable Flinstone Vitamins

Decisions Were Made By Going "Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo"

Money Issues Were Handled By Whoever Was The Banker In "Monopoly"

Catching Fireflies Happily Occupied An Entire Evening

It Was Magic When Dad Would "Remove" His Thumb

Having A Weapon In School Meant Being Caught With A SlingShot

Dad Was The Strongest Man Alive

Getting A Foot Of Snow Was A Dream Come True

No Shopping Trip Was Complete Unless A New Toy Was Brought Home

Spinning Around Getting Dizzy And Falling Down Was Cause For Giggles

The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team

Baseball Cards In The Spokes Transformed Any Bike Into A Motorcycle

Older Siblings Were The Worst Tormentors, But Also The Fiercest Protectors

If You Can Remember Most Or All Of These
Then You Have "Lived"!!!

Author Unknown

Take An Elvis Quiz

1) Which Of These Actresses Did Elvis Not Date?

A) Natalie Wood
B) Juliet Prowse
C) Connie Stevens
D) Ann-Margret
E) Sandra Dee

2) What Company Did Elvis Drive A Truck For?

A) Sun Records
B) Tastee Bread
C) Memphis Auto Parts
D) Crown Electric Company
E) East End Plumbing

3) In Which Movie Did Elvis Play A Boxer?

A) King Creole
B) Girls, Girls, Girls
C) Roustabout
D) Love Me Tender
E) Kid Galahad

4) What Record Company Did Elvis Record For?

B) Capitol
C) Columbia
D) Sony

5) How Much Did It Cost Elvis To Record His First Record?

A) $250.00
B) $1200.00
C) $50.00
D) $500.00
E) $4.00

6) What Was Elvis' Mothers First Name?

A) Priscilla
B) Mary
C) Beatrice
D) Agatha
E) Gladys

7) When Was Elvis Born?

A) January 4th, 1936
B) August 16th, 1935
C) January 8th, 1935
D) August 16th, 1937
E) January 16th,1935

8) Who Was The Owner Of Sun Records, Who Encouraged Elvis' First Hits?

A) Carl Perkins
B) Sam Phillips
C) Tom Parker
D) Ed Sullivan
E) Ann Margret

9) Which Of These Was Not An Elvis Movie?

A) Jailhouse Rock
B) Kissin' Cousins
C) Bye Bye Birdie
D) Viva Las Vegas
E) Love Me Tender

10) Who Named Elvis An Honorary Narcotics Agent?

A) Ronald Reagan
B) John F. Kennedy
C) J. Edgar Hoover
D) Richard Nixon
E) Jimmy Carter

11) What Is Elvis' Daughter's Name?

A) Peggy Sue
B) Priscilla
C) Mary Marie
D) Anna Marie
E) Lisa Marie

12) The Group Of Friends Who Always Accompanied Elvis Were Known As

A) The Memphis Mafia
B) The Tupelo Trio
C) The Presley Pirates
D) The Graceland Group
E) The Memphis Minds

13) Where Was Elvis Stationed Most Of The Time While In The Army?

A) Korea
B) Germany
C) Ireland
D) Italy
E) Poland

14) How Old Was Elvis When He Left This Earth?

A) 50
B) 45
C) 42
D) 44
E) 55

15) What Was Elvis' Twin Brother's Name?

A) John Jacob
B) Jesse Garon
C) Parker Wesley
D) Vernon Elvis
E) Tom Parker

16) What Was Elvis' Favorite State Away From Tennessee?

A) Hawaii
B) Nevada
C) California
D) New York
E) Ohio

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