How Many Did You Get Right?

1) E -- Elvis Did Not Date Sandra Dee

2) D -- Elvis Drove A Truck For Crown Electric Company

3) E -- Elvis Played A Boxer In "Kid Galahad"

4) A -- Elvis Recorded For RCA

5) E -- Elvis Paid $4.00 To Record His First Record

6) E -- Elvis' Mothers First Name Was Gladys

7) C -- Elvis Was Born January 8th, 1935

8) B -- Sam Phillips Encouraged Elvis' First Hits

9) C -- Bye Bye Birdie Was Not An Elvis Film

10) D -- Richard Nixon Made Elvis An Honorary Narcotics Agent

11) E -- His Daughters Name Is Lisa Marie

12) A -- The Group Of Friends Were Known As The Memphis Mafia

13) B -- While In The Army, Elvis Was Stationed In Germany

14) C -- Elvis Was 42 Years Old When He Passed Away

15) B -- Jesse Garon Was Elvis' Twin Brothers Name

16) A -- Elvis Loved The State Of Hawaii

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