Tabby Markings

Imagine, If You Will That It's Nearly 2,000 Years Ago
And You Are Viewing The Manger Scene In Bethlehem
Many Kings And Famous Personages Of The Time
Have Come To See The Newborn Babe And To Bring Gifts

After A While, The Baby Grows Tired And Weary
He Begins To Fret And Cry, As All Babies Sometimes Do
His Lovely Young Mother, Mary, Only A Teen-Ager Herself
Attempts To Quiet Him But His Crying Continues
She Holds And Rocks Him
She Sings A Lullaby
She Dangles A Brilliant Ornament Before Him
She Does This To Capture His Attention And Stop His Tears
Alas, None Of Her Efforts Hush The Baby
His Crying Goes On

While The Anxious Mother Makes Further Unsuccessful Attempts To Soothe Her Upset Child
A Tabby Cat Quietly Creeps Into The Stable

She Sits A Discreet Distance From The Cradle And Begins To Clean Herself
Carefully And Meticulously
She Washes And Grooms Herself From The Tip Of Her Nose To The Tip Of Her Tail
Now She Is Immaculate
Without A Single Spot Or Smudge On Her Beautiful Banded Coat
She Goes To Mary's Side And Rubs Against Her Long Blue Robe

After The Mother's Acknowledgement Of Her Presence
The Tabby Gently Jumps To The Foot Of The Cradle
The Attention Of The Baby Is Drawn To The Soft, Furry Creature In His Bed
The Crying Wanes
The Tabby Carefully Settles Herself Near The Baby And Begins To Purr Softly
The Magic Of The Murmuring Sound Completely Quiets The Infant
He Is Fascinated By It And Extends His Tiny Hand Toward The Tabby Cat

The Mother's Relief Is Great
She Is Joyful To See Her Child Happy Again
She Thanks The Cat Who Befriended Them
In Appreciation Of The Tabby's Kindness, Mary Affectionately Strokes The Cat
And Then, With Her Index Finger
She Traces Her Own Initial On The Purring Animal's Forehead

To This Very Day
Every Tabby Cat In The World Bears The Letter "M" On It's Forehead
The Next Time You See A Tabby
Look Carefully And In It's Beautiful Head Markings
You Will Discover Mary's Initial

It's There
You Will Find It

Author Unknown

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