Fall Softly Snow

Fall Softly Snow
Blanket Everything With Purest White
Fall Softly Snow
Everything Is Holy Here Tonight
Shepherd Boy Upon The Hill
Bid Your Flock Be Very Still
Fall Softly Snow
A Child Is Born Tonight

Shine Brightly Star
Wise Men Bringing Gifts Come From Afar
Oh Holy Light, Brightest Of Them All, The Eastern Star
Herald Angels From On High
Sing A Tender Lullaby
Fall Softly Snow
A Child Is Born Tonight

The Time Is Here
Oh Holy Night, The Angels Sing
And From On High, Heavenly Hosts Proclaim The King
In The Manger By Her Side
Mary's Eyes Are Filled With Pride
Fall Softly Snow
Fall Softly Snow
The Christ Child Has Just Arrived
Silent Night

Author Unknown

Snow Flakes

When Water Freezes Inside Clouds, Ice Crystals Form
The Ice Crystals Join Together Creating Snow Flakes
Once The Flakes Are Heavy Enough They Fall To The Ground As Snow

In Addition To A Normal Snow Fall
Snow Can Drift To The Ground Lightly As Flurries
Fall Heavily As A Snowstorm
Or Pile Up Quickly Blown By Strong Winds In A Blizzard

Every Snowflake Has Six Sides
No Two Snowflakes Are Alike
Each Flake Is Beautifully Unique

Snow Is Actually Clear/Transparent
Snow Appears White Because The Crystals Act As Prisms
Prisms Break Up The Light Of The Sun Into The Entire Spectrum Of Color
The Human Eye Is Unable To Handle That Kind Of Sensory Overload
Therefore, We See The Snow As White Or Sometimes Blue

Sleet Is A Form Of Snow That Begins To Fall But Melts On Its Way Down
It Then Refreezes In The Air And Falls Covering The Ground With A Wet Slushy Mess

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