Christmas Candles

The Christmas Candle

Here's An Early Christmas Greeting
For Your Family To Share
Let It Brighten Up Your Season
And Spread Gladness Through The Air

You Can Start A New Tradition
Every Night 'Til Christmas Day
To Burn The Chrismas Candle
While Your Family Does Play

You Can Bake, Draw Or Read Stories
Sing Songs Or Just Play Games
And By The Season's Finish
Only Memories Remain

It Is Hoped That You'll Enjoy
A Season Full Of Fun
And That Love Will Burn More Brightly
When Your Holiday Is Done

Merry Christmas!

Author Unknown

During The Victorian Era Candles Were Used On Christmas Trees
They Were Considered A Symbol Of The Star Of Wonder
Often, Various Merchants And Tradesmen Would Give A Bundle Of Pine-Oil Perfumed Tapers, Tied Together With Ribbon As Gifts To Their Loyal Patrons

Also In Victorian Times, Candles Represented Good Will For Those Less Fortunate
Candles Were Placed In Windows December 25 To January 6 To Indicate Welcome To Any Passerby Needing Shelter And Food

Christmas Candles Come In All Shapes, Colors, Sizes And Scents
On The Advent Wreath
A Candle Is Lit Each Week To Remind Us Of The Coming Of Christ
Candles Represent Jesus Who Is The Light Of The World

The First Christmas Trees Were Decorated With Lighted Candles, Real Fruit And Flowers
But There Was Always The Danger Of Fires When The Candles Were Lit

The Custom Of Lighting Candles On Trees Indoors Started In Germany
To Them The Candles Represented The Stars
This Was One Custom That Founded Its Way To America
Today, Especially At Christmas, Candles Signify The Message Of The Season
A Candle Burning In The Window Of Some Christian Homes Symbolically Lights The Way Of The Holy Family, As Well As Welcomed Guests

Legends Tell Us That Candles In Windows Guide The Christ Child As He Wanders From House To House On Christmas Eve Looking For A Place To Stay
No Traveler Could Be Turned Away On Christmas Eve
Just In Case The Christ Child Might Come By

The Norwegians Believed That Christmas Candles Must Not Burn Out On Christmas Eve Or Bad Luck Would Plague The Family

Some People Believed The Flames From The Burning Candles Frightened Away Evil Spirits During The Darkest Days Of The Year

Throughout Medieval Europe, A Very Large Candle, Called The Christmas Candle Was Burned Until The Twelfth Night In Remembrance Of The Arrival Of The Wise Men To Bethlehem

The Bayberry Candle

This Bayberry Candle
Is A Gift From A Friend
On Christmas Eve
Burn It Down To The End

For A Bayberry Candle
Burned To The Socket
Brings Joy To Your Life
And Wealth To Your Pocket

Merry Christmas!

Author Unknown

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