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I Finally Met A Barbie That Can't Fit Into Her Pants!


You Can't Say Barbie Doesn't Have Her Faults!

See Castro Ken's Chipped Tooth
He Made Fun Of Barbie's Butt
So She Knocked His Head Off!!!
Also Because Rick Threw Him Off Of The Balcony At Megan's Request

Poor Ken

Silly Isn't It?


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My First Award!

Thanks Rasky!

Children's Internet Safety Quiz

1. As I Travel Through "Cyber Space"
Information That I Should Never Give Out To SomeOne I Meet On-Line Includes:

A. The Names Of My Favorite Books And Movies
B. My Real Name, Address, Telephone Number, The School That I Attend
Or My Photograph.
C. The Name Of My Pet

2. If SomeOne Sends Me An Inappropiate Message Or Material
I Should:

A. Never Reply To These Messages And Tell My Parents
So That They Can Notify Our On Line Service Provider
B. Keep It A Secret
C. Reply To The Message And Ask The Sender To Stop Sending Me Messages

3. If SomeOne That I Meet Online Asks Me To Keep A Secret From My Parents
I Should:

A. Keep The Secret Because They Are My "Cyber-Friend"
B. Tell All My Friends Because It's Hard For Me To Keep A Secret
C. Tell My Parents
Because No One Should Ever Ask Me To Keep Secrets From My Parents

4. If Someone Is On My E-mail "Buddy List," Friend List" or "Contact List"
And I Only Know That Person Online
He Or She Is:

A. My Friend And Someone That I Can Trust
B. The Person He Or She Claims To Be
C. Someone That I Should Be Cautious About
Because I Don't Know Him Or Her Well

5. As I Travel Through "Cyberspace"
I Should Never:

A. Take A Break And Have A Snack
B. Use The Internet To Help Me With My Homework
C. Agree To Meet Someone In Person Who I Have Met Online

6. The "CyberTipline"

A. A Cool New Video Game
B. My Online Source To Report Child-Sexual Exploitation.
C. A Website Where I Can Find Information About "UFO'S"


Gregg Degroat/Dayton Daily News

For More Information
Please Visit: or

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children Website

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