May You Always Walk Mother Earth In Peace

If You Love Someone
Put Their Name In A Circle Instead Of A Heart
Because Hearts Can Be Broken
But A Circle Goes On Forever

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    The Background For This Page And Mother Earth Came From Here

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    A Beautiful Site For Heart Felt Thoughts

  •  Sun Spirits Lodge
    Warriors Of Freedom

    The Spirit Of The Redman

    I Am Not Separate From My Creation
    Any More Than Your Thoughts
    Are Separate From You
    I Am Not The Reality Behind The World
    But The Reality That Is In It
    For I Am In The World With You
    In All Your Life
    Wherever You Are
    Wherever You Go
    Wherever You Look
    You Can See Me In The Moon
    And In The Stars
    That Bring Forth Light
    Out Of The Darkness
    You Can Feel Me In The Breeze
    That Kisses Your Cheek
    You Can Hear Me In The Flowing Waters
    That Refresh And Renew
    The Tiny Seed That Grows To A Mighty Oak
    Contains My Power
    And The Bud That Blossoms Forth In Flower
    Enfolds My Fragrance
    I Am With You Now
    In The Ever-Changing Present
    That Is True Eternity
    Closer Than The Breath
    That Brings Your Body life
    Closer Than The Thought
    That Springs Within The Mind
    That Ignorant Men Call Finite
    Closer Than The Beat
    That Keeps Your Heart In Tune
    For I Am To Be Found Nowhere
    But Where You Are
    For I Am The One That Is All
    And Can Be Seen In All
    And I Am The All That Is One
    In Everyone
    So Find Me Now
    Touch Me Now
    Feel Me Now
    And Love Me Now
    Wherever You Are
    Then You Will Walk The Earth In Beauty

    Author Unknown

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