Pope John Paul II

Karol Józef Wojtyla

Preceded By
John Paul I (1978)
Roman Catholic Pope #265

May 18 - 1920 (Poland)

April 2 - 2005
October 16 - 1978 To April 2 - 2005

God Speed
And May God Bless You

On October 16 - 1978 The Election of Karol Wojtyla
The First Polish Pope In The Roman Catholic Church's History
Following The Sudden Death Of His Predecessor, John Paul I, After Only 33 Days

In An Assassination Attempt On May 31 - 1981
Turk Mehmed Ali Agca Fires Three Bullets At The Pope From Close Range
The Pope Was Wounded In The Abdomen, The Left Hand And Right Arm

John Paul II Was One Of The Longest-Lived And Most Influential Popes In The History Of The Catholic Church
His Policies And Personality Helped Shape Not Only The Current Character Of Catholicism But Also The Direction Catholicism Will Take For Generations To Come

John Paul II Was The Second Pope To Ever Choose Two Names, Following His Predecessor
The Reason He Did This Was To Both Honor John Paul I And To Indicate That He Would Not Be Making Any Major Policy Shifts

Wojtyla Was Also The First Non-Italian To Be Chosen For This Office In Over 400 Years

"Science Can Purify Religion From Error And Superstition"
"Religion Can Purify Science From Idolatry And False Absolutes"

~ Pope John Paul II ~

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