Just This Side Of Heaven Is A Place Called Rainbow Bridge
When An Animal Dies That Has Been Especially Close To Someone Here
That Pet Goes To The Rainbow Bridge
There Are Meadows And Hills For All Of Our Special Friends
They Can Run And Play Together
There Is Plenty Of Food, Water And Sunshine
Our Friends Are Warm And Comfortable

All The Animals Who Had Been Ill And Old, Are Restored To Health And Vigor
Those That Were Hurt Or Maimed Are Made Whole And Strong Again
Just As We Remember Them In Our Dreams Of Days And Times Gone By
The Animals Are Happy And content Except For One Small Thing
They Each Miss Someone Very Special To Them, Who Had To Be Left Behind

They All Run And Play Together
But The Day Comes When One Suddenly Stops And Looks Into The Distance
His Bright Eyes Are Intent
His Eager Body Quivers
Suddenly He Begins To Run From The Group
He Flys Over The Green Grass
His Legs Carrying Him Faster And Faster

You Have Been Spotted
When You And Your Special Friend Finally Meet
You Cling Together In Joyous Reunion
Never To Be Parted Again
The Happy Kisses Rain Upon Your Face
Your Hands Again Caress The Beloved Head
You Look Once More Into The Trusting Eyes Of Your Pet
So Long Gone From Your Life But Never Absent From Your Heart

Then You Cross The Rainbow Bridge Together

Author Unknown

A Prayer For Any Beloved Pet

No Matter How You Came To Us
You Are Special
No Matter What You Are
We Wanted You
To Give You A Loving Home
To Receive Love In Return

You Are Always Eager To Give And Please
Never In A Bad Mood
You Would Curl Up In My Lap Or Sit At My Feet
You Would Lick My Hands And Then My Face
Always Smiling
Your Unconditional Love Is My Reward
Though I May Get Mad Or Sometimes Sad
You Are Always There

You Comfort Me When I Am Alone
You Remind Me That I Am Forever Loved
Whether You Are A Dog Or A Cat Or A Fish Or A Rat
You Are My Pet

My Only Deed Is To Meet Your Needs
For That I Recieve So Much In Return

I Will Care For You When You Are Ill
I Will Fight You When You Have To Take A Pill
For Tour Own Good, I Will Give You All That I Can
Sleep On My Bed
Take Up All The Space That You Can My Pet
That Is Your Place
I Will Not Mistreat Or Abuse You My Pet

Unconditional Love Is The Reward That I Recieve
The Hardest Part Is The Day That I Will Have To Say Goodbye
It Will Be Hard To Let You Go
There Comes A Day When A Loving Pet Will Die
This Is The Day That You Leave And Yet I Know

That Someday You Will Be Waiting When It's My Time To Go
Together Hand In Paw
We Will Be Together Again
Crossing The Rainbow Bridge
At Long Last
Together, Again, My Friend

CopyRight 2000-
A Prayer For Any Beloved Pet
Bobbie "Irockslady" 7-31-2000
Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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