We Sit Quietly And Reflect Upon Our Memories
Of Our Animal Friends That Have Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge
May They Rest In Peace

They Are Your Friend, Your Partner, Your Defender, And Your Dog

You Are Their Life, Their Love And Their Leader
They Will Be Yours, Faithful And True, To The Last Beat Of Their Heart
You Owe It To Them To Be Worthy Of Such Devotion

Dogs Are Linked To Paradise
They Don't Know Evil Or Jealousy Or Discontent

To Sit With A Dog On A Hillside On A Glorious Afternoon
Is To Be Back In Eden
Where Doing Nothing Was Not Boring
It Was Peace

Author Unknown


Poodle__Born 3-11-1975__Died 5-06-1983
He was a gift to me and my Mom
He was the love of her life
He would attack your feet when you moved at night

Rick And Naomi


German Shepard__Born ??__Died 1-01-1992
Found As a Stray.
He was a wonderful protector
He gave us 13 wonderful years



Poodle/Terrier__Born 7-08-1983__Died 2-06-1996
She was a lover, a gentle dog
She got along well with Buddy

Rick And Naomi


Yorkie__Born 2-17-1989__Died 3-16-1997
Runt of the litter
He ran like a rocket
He had the heart of a big dog



Kilo__Black Lab Mix__Born January 1, 1982__Died June 24,1997
Ki was a stray who wandered into our lives and our hearts in June 1982
He was a wonderful protector for our children
No matter where they played, he'd be nearby
He was with us for 15 wonderful years
He will always be greatly missed
RIP boy

Rene and Judy


Ninja__Shi-tzu Mix__Born December 12,1992__Died September 1,2000.
From the warm Arizona climate from where he was born
Ninja brought a refreshing breeze into our lives
His years from birth , were numbered by only seven
But his memories and thoughts are a lifetime
He leaves a brother, PJ and a sister, Thani
Who shared in the memories we have
He leaves our hearts heavy with sorrow
But fills our souls with joy that we will meet again
Your courage and strength will be remembered
We will never forget you
Run with Kilo till our hands we once again extend to you
Mom and Dad, Thani and Pj

Rene and Judy


Sheltie__Born Unknown__Died 12-12-1998
Mitzy came into our lives because of a lead I received
She was at the pound, desperately needed a family to adopt her
So timid and shy she was in the beginning
Abuse in her life was suspected
Mitzy soon found that love was all she would receive from us
It made her the most loyal we had ever seen
By my side she remained for her all too short life
Mitzy passed on at about the age of seven
I can still see her playing and chasing bubbles we blew in the air
Those were the most wonderful five years she knew
Not a day goes by that we don't miss you Mitzy
You will remain in our hearts forever

A Compassionate Person


Died 04-21-2001
I've attached a picture of Katie, my beloved Protector
Albeit it is one when she was younger, but her spirit was already set
I sent her to the Creator this evening, it was time to let her go
She would have been 13 in August
She has been getting more feeble over the last two years
Last night it was evident she was in pain
When I took her to the vet I was gently told that it would only get worse
She started limping and whimpering last night
She had a couple growths of unknown value
Of course I knew when I took her what the outcome would be
I sat with her until she drifted into that peaceful sleep with no pain
I cried
I had already called Running Deer
I asked him to have the children pray for her swift and safe journey to the Creator rather than her continued existence in pain in this realm
There were three of them sitting and praying around my medicine wheel in the front yard
Running Deer and Little Fawn are taking Katie to the Tribe's burial ground tomorrow
To lay her where the Ancestors can enjoy the beauty and light of this wonderful four legged

Earth Woman, Running Deer and Little Fawn

Lady Bug (Buggy)

Terrier Mix__Born 1995__Died 2-25-2006
Buggy was an abused dog who came into my life suddenly
She was aloof and a loner just like me
But she had a lot of love to give
When Bobbie came into our lives she learned to love her as well
And she loved us with all her heart
Buggy, we love you and will never forget you
You will remain in our hearts forever

Bobbie And Rick

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