God's Waterfalls

Bob Dylan

I Was Burned Out From Exhaustion Buried In The Hail
Poisoned In The Bushes An' Blown Out On The Trail
Hunted Like A Crocodile Ravaged In The Corn
"Come In," She Said
"I'll Give You Shelter From The Storm"

Suddenly I Turned Around And She Was Standin' There,
With Silver Bracelets On Her Wrists And Flowers In Her Hair
She Walked Up To Me So Gracefully And Took My Crown Of Thorns
"Come In," She Said
"I'll Give You Shelter From The Storm"

Bob Dylan

I Want

I Want To Appreciate The Times When Moments Are Made Into Memories
I Want To Embrace Them
Cherish Them
And Never Forget That They Come So Few And Far Between
I Know That Wherever Life Takes Me
These Moments Will Always Follow
They Remind Me Of What's Truly Important
It's Not Just Life But Living
It's The Journey
The Destination And All The Points In Between
And I Don't Want To Miss A Thing!

Author Unknown


I May Never See Tomorrow
There's No Written Guarantee
And Things That Happened Yesterday
Belong To History

I Cannot Predict The Future
I Cannot Change The Past
I Have Just The Present Moment
I Must Treat It As My Last

I Must Use This Moment Wisely
For It Soon Will Pass Away
And Be Lost To Me Forever
As Part Of Yesterday

I Must Exercise Compassion
Help The Fallen to Their Feet
Be A Friend Unto The Friendless
Make An Empty Life Complete

The Unkind Things I Do Today
May Never Be Undone
And Friendships That I Fail To Win
May Nevermore Be Won

I May Not Have Another Chance
On Bended Knee To Pray
And Thank God With Humble Heart
For Giving Me This Day

Author Unknown


The Sun Shines High In The Bright Blue Sky
The Birds Sing Of Love And Joy
The Breeze Shifts The Leaves In The Growing Trees
And Your Mind Drifts On Clouds Of Wonder

Author Unknown


The Hope I Dreamed Of Was A Dream
Was But A Dream And Now I Awake
Exceeding Comfortless And Worn And Old
For A Dream's Sake

I Hang My Harp Upon A Tree
A Weeping Willow In A Lake
I Hang My Silenced Harp There, Wrung And Snapt
For A Dream's Sake

Lie Still, Lie Still, My Breaking Heart
My Silent Heart, Lie Still And Break
Life And The World And Mine Own Self Are Changed
For A Dream's Sake

Author Unknown


If You Could See Your Ancestors
All Standing In A Row

Would You Be Proud Of Them
Or Don't You Really Know?

Some Strange Discoveries Are Made In Climbing Family Trees
And Some Of Them Do Not Particularly Please

If You Could See Your Ancestors
All Standing In A Row
There Might Be Some Of Them
You Wouldn't Want To Know

But There's Another Question
Which Requires A Different View
If You Could Meet Your Ancestors
Would They Be Proud Of You?

Author Unknown

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