God's Waterfalls 2

Blessed Are The Angels Who Walk With Us
Though We Are Unaware
Of Those People Who Take Time To Listen
To Understand And Care
Blessed Are Those With Unseen Halos
Earned Through Deeds Of Love
For They Will Always Be For Us
Sweet Blessings From Above"

Author Unknown


Wake Up Happy
Chase A Cloud
Savor A Memory
Laugh Out Loud
Whisper A Promise
Whistle A Tune
Fall Asleep With A Smile For The Moon

Author Unknown


Religion Is The Fashionable Substitute For Belief

Between Stimulus And Response Lies The Free Will To Choose

It's Worth The Pain That Makes The Tears
It's Worth The Light Of A Million Years
Only Your Love I Can't Explain
You Are The Flower For My Rain

Walk Courageously Each Step Of The Path On The Journey To The Heart
Enjoy When The Universe Sends You Gifts
A Lover
Some Money
Or A Good Job
But Know The Ultimate Key To Happiness Lies Not In External Thinkings
But Within You
Feel All Your Feelings And Learn To Heal Yourself

When A Man Sits With A Pretty Girl For An Hour
It Seems Like A Minute
But Let Him Sit On A Hot Stove For A Minute
And It's Longer Than Any Hour

That's Relativity

Albert Einstein

A Man Who Dares To Waste One Hour Of Life Has Not Discovered The Value Of Life

Charles Darwin

Great Minds Discuss Ideas
Average Minds Discuss Events
Small Minds Discuss People

Say The Word I'm Thinking Of
Say The Word
And You Will Be Free
Say The Word
And Be Free Like Me

The People On Our Planet Are Not Standing In A Line Single File
Look Closely
Everyone Is Really Standing In A Circle Holding Hands
Whatever You Give To The Person Standing Next To You
It Eventually Comes Back To You

Give A Stranger One Of Your Smiles
It Might Be The Only Sunshine He Sees All Day

Don't Be Timid And Squeamish About Your Actions
All Life Is An Experiment
The More Experiments You Make The Better

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success Is Not The Result Of Spontaneous Combustion
You Must Set Yourself On Fire

Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness
Only Light Can Do That
Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate
Only Love Can Do That

Dr. Martin Luther King

"Sometimes On The Way To Our Dreams
We Get Lost And Find An Even Better One!"

"I Would Rather Reach For The Stars
Then At Least I Know
That I Could Never End Up With Dirt On My Hands"

"Faith Is Believeing In Something
That Sometimes Doesn't Always Seem Logical"

"No Matter How Long It Takes
If You Keep Moving One Step At A Time
You Will Reach The Finish Line"

Doubt Versus Faith

"Doubt Sees The Obstacles
Faith Sees The Way
Doubt Sees The Darkest Night
Faith Sees The Day
Doubt Dreads To Take A Step
Faith Soars On High
Doubt Questions, "Who Believes?"
Faith Answers,"I"

"The Difficulties That We Experience
Always Illuminate The Lessons We Need Most"

"Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday"

"Never Complain About Growing Old
Because So Many Never Get The Chance!"

"Give And Forget!
Receive And Remember!"

"Never Say That You Don't Have Enough Time
You Have Exactly The Same Number Of Hours Per Day
That Were Given To Helen Keller
Mother Teresa
Leonardo Da Vinci
Thomas Jefferson
And Albert Einstein"

" For Every Sixty Seconds Of Anger
You Lose One Minute Of Happiness"

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