God's Waterfalls 3

When You Are Sad

When You Are Sad
I Will Dry Your Tears

When You Are Scared
I Will Comfort Your Fears

When You Are Worried
I Will Give You Hope

When You Are Confused
I Will Help You Cope

And When You Are Lost
And Can't See The Light

I Shall Be Your Beacon
Shining Ever So Bright

This Is My Oath I Pledge Till The End

Why You May Ask?
Because You're My Friend

Author Unknown


Life Has No Other Discipline To Impose
If We Would But Realize It
Than To Accept Life Unquestioningly
Everything We Shut Our Eyes To
Everything We Run Away From
Everything We Deny, Denigrate Or Despise
Serves To Defeat Us In The End
What Seems Nasty, Painful, Evil, Can Become
A Source Of Beauty, Joy And Strength
If Faced With An Open Mind
Every Moment Is A Golden One For Him
Who Has The Vision To Recognize It As Such

Henry Miller

Love Is Never Silent

A Loving Heart, A Gentle Smile
A Warm And Tender Touch
We Give So Many Things In Life
But Nothing Means As Much

A Little Inspiration
When Someone Loses Hope
A Kind Word Of Encouragement
When They No Longer Seem To Cope

A Simple Phrase
When No One Else Is There
Taking Hold Onto A Hand
In A Little Heartfelt Prayer

Love Is Never Silent
It Has So Much To Say
And It Is Our Greatest Blessing
When We Give It All Away

Author Unknown

The Two Major Food Groups

(A) Anything You Can Put Cheese On
(B) Everything Else You Can Put Chocolate On

The Four Stages Of Life

(1) We Believe In Santa Claus
(2) We Don't Believe In Santa Claus
(3) We Are Santa Claus
(4) We Look Like Santa Claus


There Is A Pleasure In The Pathless Woods
There Is A Rapture On The Lonely Shore
There Is A Society Where None Intrudes
By The Deep Sea And Music In Its Roar

I Love Not Man The Less But Nature More
From These Our Interviews In Which I Steal
From All I May Be Or Have Been Before

To Mingle With The Universe And Feel
What I Can Ne'er Express Yet Cannot All Conceal

Lord Byron

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