What If?

What If
God Couldn't Take The Time To Bless Us Today Because
We Couldn't Take The Time To Thank Him Yesterday?

What If
God Decided To Stop Leading Us Tomorrow Because
We Didn't Follow Him Today?

What If
We Never Saw Another Flower Bloom Because
We Grumbled When God Sent The Rain?

What If
God Didn't Walk With Us Today Because
We Failed To Recognize It As His Day?

What If
God Took Away The Bible Tomorrow Because
We Would Not Read It Today?

What If
God Took Away His Message Because
We Failed To Listen To The Messenger?

What If
God Didn't Send His Only Begotten Son Because
He Wanted Us To Be Prepared To Pay The Price For Sin

What If
The Door Of The Church Was Closed Because
We Did Not Open The Door Of Our Heart?

What If
God Stopped Loving And Caring For Us Because
We Failed To Love And Care For Others?

What If
God Would Not Hear Us Today Because
We Would Not Listen To Him Yesterday?

What If
God Answered Our Prayers The Way
We Answer His Call To Service?

What If
God Met Our Needs The Way
We Give Him Our Lives???

Author Unknown

God Will Do The Rest

I Asked The Lord To Bless You
As I Prayed For You Today
To Guide You And Protect You
As You Go Along Your Way

His Love Is Always With You
His Promises Are True
No Matter What The Tribulation
You Know That He Will See Us Through

So When The Road You Are Traveling On
Seems Difficult At Best
Give Your Problems To The Lord
And God Will Do The Rest

Author Unknown

The Greatest Gift My Higher Power Gave To Me
Came On The Day That I Looked Up To Heaven
And Said To God
"I Don't Believe In You!"
And That Still Quiet Voice Inside Of Me Asked
"Then To Whom Are You Speaking?"

Author Unknown

O Lord
I Am Not What I Ought To Be
And I'm Not What I Want To Be
And I'm Not What I'm Going To Be
But O Lord
I Thank You That I'm Not What I Used To Be

Author Unknown

Each Day Is A New Beginning
Another Chance
To Learn More About Ourselves
To Care More About Others
To Laugh More Than We Did Yesterday
To Accomplish More Than We Thought We Could
To Be More Than We Were Before

Author Unknown

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